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Certainly not - a 365 golfer...but I do have to travel...gets too cold here in NY :)
I would have to agree - think tape on a club face would make a massive difference.  I would even go so far as to say you wouldn't be even able to accurately compare drivers... Think about how much engineering goes into CG, sweet spot etc. Tape, even at 1000th of an inch thick would have a significant impact....and it is a compressible material so you would definitely lose something at the point of contact
So what was your decision in the end given that we are coming into the season when the new 2013 drivers will be announced.  Curious to know whether you will take the same approach in 2013...
I think most of the time they will give you a credit but you won't always get 100% credit if you have demo'd a club.  This is still one of my biggest challenges - how to really demo a club properly...
But you still seem to go with the main brands and so how do you select between them? I mean do you even consider some of the lesser known brands?
Makes it a bit of a lottery then upgrading to a new club unless there is a way for you to swap around clubs and try out a whole range of clubs before choosing the one that best suits you?
I would tend to agree - I have rented clubs before when on vacation but where golf was just an extra activity.  If I am going specifically for a golf vacation I nearly always bring my own set.  For me it is a bit like sleeping in your own bed! I am comfortable with my own clubs but as soon as I use someone else's I think the mental side lets me down as I know I am using clubs which I am not familiar with 
Interested to know what experience people have when they demo clubs in the store using a launch monitor vs. the real thing.  Do the distances match up?  What about slice, draw etc?   Seems like a lot of people are putting faith in Launch Monitor etc. when they get fitted etc. and while clearly a great piece of technology just interested to know whether distance etc. is replicated in the real world...
Hi Just a quick question to the forum about insurance for golf clubs etc.  Does anyone know the best insurance companies to deal with for an all encompassing policy for golf clubs/equipment?  a policy that covers breakage, travel, stealing etc. Thanks
Guess that makes it all the more difficult to really select the club that will work for you....reminds me of a time 10 years ago when I rented snowboard boots last minute at the resort after I forgot mine!  Wore them for the weekend, and they clearly had already been used that season.  BUT they were comfortable as anything so when I got back to the shop I offered $50 for them then and there and walked away with used, but perfectly fitting, snowboard boots... Now if...
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