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Heartfelt congratulations. Going low can be more unnerving than shooting 102.
The back of the ball.When I tee it up or putt, I place the ball name in the back with just a white showing on top.That gives me something even smaller on which to focus.
My Newport is sitting in the corner. I cannot line it up consistently. Alignment is the biggest problem with my game. I can't blame it entirely on the putter but I can say it doesn't help me any. I'm using an Odyssey two-ball now. I know I'll hit the hole from five feet in with that one.
Yep, I have a thought. As others have said, the 58 and 60 are so close that you are essentially carrying the same club twice. You could ditch one of those unless you have some shots you developed for those specific clubs. Your PW is around 48 degrees or so. That's the big gap. My PW distance maxes out around 125 but I can make it a 100 yard max by gripping down to the end of the grip and/or opening the face. I settled on these: PW =< 120 51* =< 100 54* =< 85 56* =< 75
Keep a pint of Canadian whiskey in your bag.
That's about as well as it can be explained.
Why on earth do you like him? I think Tim Herron is a more charismatic figure. Don't believe me? Watch his Playing Tips from the Pros.
I have no reason to believe this will be the battle on Sunday afternoon. Please let me know when this has ever happened.
I don't know and I don't really care. I am sure it involves not taking a leak wherever it's convenient. Tough luck girls. Wear a catheter.
I use my spoon at least twice a round. I have seen few courses that don't have some short par 4s that are short for good reason. When that extra 30 yards brings in unacceptable risk, I love the three wood.
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