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I run the scoring for my company golf league. My partner just took over as president so we have full authority to put whatever rules we want in place this season. Our scoring the past few years has never been ideal. We've used a few different formats that all basically had 2 points per hole and 4 points per match (low combined net) available for a total of 22. We have 16 two-man teams, playing 15 weeks. You play each team once, and then there is an 18-hole finale...
My only input is you gotta work on that hat. Pull it down a little further over your forehead. You've got it all kicked back like we used to wear it when I was 12 in the 80's.
What he said.
I agree with Chingali and iacas about punches, lobs, etc. But, for a full swing "normal" shot, there should only be one swing. Let me ask you this - have you been fitted for your clubs? I used to have to change my swing a little bit for my driver and 3-wood, until I cut an inch off of each. That was a revelation for me, and now I feel comfortable using the same swing for all of my clubs. Your longer clubs might be a little too long.
I hit it at the store earlier this week, and I thought it was pretty awesome. I really like the graphics for lining up to your target. It felt good, and I made quite a few putts with it. If a new putter was close to the top of my list of gear to buy it would definitely be considered.
Shot 92 in the Semis of my club's matchplay on Saturday. Got smoked 7 and 6 by a guy I was giving 6 shots to. He shot 87. He went on to shoot 97 and win the 5th flight on Sunday. I shot 51 on Sunday in sustained 30-40 mph winds with worse gusts. We called it after 9, it wasn't any fun after about 5 holes.
For me, No. I think you need to play a course with at least a par of 70 to be considered in these types of discussions. Should it give you confidence that you CAN break 90, absolutely.
Chopped up a 49 tonight at Fitzsimons on the back. (35.7/128, 3409 yds.) 3 Pars, 2 bogeys, 1 double, 3 triples. 2 FW, 0 GIR, 13 putts, 0 Penalties. ESC Score 48, combined with my previous 9 of 44 posts as 92.
Thanks golf_junkie. He's in Grand Junction though, about 4 hrs. away.
I am specifically looking for a recommendation on a good Clubfitter in the Denver Metro area. If someone has had a good experience with someone I'd like to know about it. I figured we could use this thread to gather information on fitters all over. This information seems to be kind of hard to come by on the web. I've only found a couple, and none of them seem to be anywhere near where I live or work. So, if you've had a good fitting done by someone you'd recommend...
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