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I doubt that Dan has read this thread or any others for that fact, it just seems to me that he doesn't know much about the golf swing and doesn't care to learn... I mean if it was your full time job to improve at golf, how could you not have a library of swing videos, books read, recaps of lessons, stats etc. most my swing threads here have posted more videos. Dan is playing golf as a hobby and pretending it is something different.
I commented that he complained about his driver swing but never posts a swing video and all he needs is a phone to do it. No reply
Oh, well I guess I don't really see practicing for 4+ years and getting to a 7 handicap that much of an accomplishment.
What achievements are you referring to?
 Dan is not interested in lessons, he seems to think he has the swing down and his problems are equipment or mental.
 I think he does play 18, but doesn't post the rounds (unless they are good) because they are "practice"
This not wanting to hit off mats shouldn't surprise anyone......   "He spends about 30 hours on his game every week, but only 4-6 actually hitting golf balls. The rest is taken up by physical and mental conditioning." http://www.news.com.au/sport/more-sports/dan-mclaughlin-trying-to-become-pro-golfer-in-his-30s-using-malcolm-gladwells-10000-hour-theory/story-fndukor0-1226997138469   He basically plays 18 every day, spends a half hour warming up, then another half hour...
Im not so sure, if he was posting that his swing is simply not where it needs to be and he needs a rebuild. Then post videos / blogs of him doing 9-3's etc. day after day, hour after hour and actually put in the work he would keep some people interested.  
Well I think that is slowly beginning to die out. You can only keep telling people your handicap is dropping and follow it up with high tournament scores for so long.
Well my take is that Dan is kind of living in a dream world, he seems to think he has a pro level swing and he just lacks the mental game.
New Posts  All Forums: