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Thanks, yah quite the change so far I can defiantly see what you mean about your lower body. Nice work.
Thanks for posting that Pete, just curious if you happen to have any video of when you first started?   I would be really interested to see the changes you have made so far as well as when you get further along in the process. it would be interesting to always compare back to your "first" swing.       BTW, thanks for updating this thread, I enjoy reading it. Good Luck. 
  Although I'm not quite sure about the above statement, I have changed my grip a few times now and have given the grip allot of thought. I don't think its possible to change your grip and keep the same swing, people may think they do it but they simply don't.
  Very interesting..... However I'm a bit confused. I get that you are able to square up the clubface no matter what grip you use or in your case draw the ball, but the grip change must change something in your swing? it has to be slightly different? What was the "fault" your instructor was trying to fix with the grip change? Thanks,
Great thread, thanks Pete.   I'm just curious you mentioned you "hate grip changes" care to give a bit of detail on what exactly you changed with your grip? what were the results short and long term?   Thanks,
 Was he ever "very interested" I thought he basically said I'll get in touch with you and never did?
I agree, seems like nothing interesting is ever being said
 Seriously? your not watching the US Open because you don't like the condition of the greens?
I still don't see why that is a problem.... Stick it inside a foot
Yes it is ...... The players know the spots they have to land it on, they just miss them ever so slightly and they get punished for it
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