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I agree, seems like nothing interesting is ever being said
 Seriously? your not watching the US Open because you don't like the condition of the greens?
I still don't see why that is a problem.... Stick it inside a foot
Yes it is ...... The players know the spots they have to land it on, they just miss them ever so slightly and they get punished for it
They have played practice rounds on this course, everyone always complains about how the pros play on such a nice pristine courses....... I think it's great if you want to win the U.S. Open you have to play any course in any condition
Yes but it's the same for everyone......
I don't see the problem. Not every course is supposed to be Augusta
Thanks, really good stuff.
Thanks, so this "swoosh" drill was just another drill you incorporated when working with your swing coach?   I really like how you stated previously something like "a required piece of todays game is distance" (sorry cant remember exact) so you had to address that. Do you have any more details on exactly what you did pertaining to distance? I'm just curious since there are some many stupid "gain 50 yards off the T" gimmicks and commercials that I would like to hear how...
Thanks for posting all this, I enjoy reading this thread.   I was wondering what specifically have you done to increase distance? I'm guessing it is probably a few things but what do you feel was the main factor, strength training, swing mechanics etc.   Thanks and good luck.
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