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Well I agree that it would give him a true indication of his skill level, I don't see the point. I mean the pga requires around a +5 handicap which is worlds away from where Dan is now. He needs to shave at least 10 strokes off, playing tournaments is not going to do that.After he can break 70 regularly I think he should work on playing under pressure.
Well I don't see how that would ever work.... He's never shot a 65 but work on the 65 during a tournament ....
I still don't get why everyone thinks he should play tournaments and work on pressure situations. If you want to play on the pga you need to be able to go out and shoot a mid 60s round at any courses, Dan can not even come close to this. Who cares if he can shoot a 77 in some tournament ?
Dan has been to see a few pros and bottom line is he doesn't want to follow the instruction, I mean for the last year he has the same swing flaw. He claims to be doing deliberate practice 6 days a week but just ends up "playing 18". For some crazy reason he seems to think his swing is good and he needs mental work, he obviously has never been to the range at a pga tournament.
I have had a few of these guys at the range. They are usually about a legit 15 handicap and don't hit the ball very far, did you happen to see your "pros" swing?
 In certain cases yes it does, your average 100 shooter when paired up with a scratch player is going to be very nervous. Now if you make him play by strict rules, not allowed to pick up, hitting a few off each T etc. etc. he is going to feel all eyes are on him and he is holding things up, which may or may not be true. 
Why don't you try and keep score for everyone in the group. You could try something like "I have this new golf app on my phone and I want to try it out, ill keep score" you could even show off some of the new "features" of the app "we are currently all tied.... however after that triple bogie Dad is behind by 1".   Then what can he possibly say after the round when your scores don't match up?
I still don't get how he can't come up with money for lessons, I'm sure any instructor would help him out with 10 mins here and there for a reasonable price.
So his plan is to be a PGA player and he doesn't have $400 a month for lessons ........
I don't understand how Dan can't afford instruction, I mean I would think 1 hour a week would be enough until he gets his index down low. So what does an average 1 hour session run? $100? So he can't afford $400 a month?
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