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Does he play a full round every day but only submit 6?
Run!!! far away from Golftec.     I don't think video is absolutely necessary for a golf instructor.
Easy - Louis Oosthuizen
Sorry I cant really remember that many good funny stories, just wanted to say that I laughed out loud at this one though.
I have taken lessons from an instructor and also online and would say that both were positive. One thing about an online lesson though is you cant really ask questions so it might make it hard to "discuss" the proper grip.   Also I wouldn't be intimidated by an in person lesson with an instructor, they teach all levels of players especially high handicaps.
I have made a similar grip change about 6 months ago, it is certainly not an easy change; however I would encourage you to stick with it. It may take you a while before it feels normal, I hate to say it but I think it took me about 4 months. I have no idea of your swing faults so I will just mention a few keys that were important for me and maybe they will help you out. One of the things I didn’t understand was how a grip “should” generally speaking affect your...
  Just to chime in here, I did read the other thread. I started this one to get different opinions just on Dans distance (or lack of). Not the born with talent / talent doesnt matter stuff it seems to have turned into.
ThisThis is a really interesting point, I have never thought of it this way. Funny but now that I think about it allot of the high handicap players I see and play with have all played sports starting from a young age, hockey, baseball etc just not golf.
Haha no that's what I was getting at. 4000 hours should be enough to figure it out
Interesting point, so you are saying that Dan lacks the physical ability to carry 250? And that even with practice and coaching that will be as far as he can hit it?
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