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 I would agree that almost any new golfer who takes up the game and just goes out and plays will hit some kind of wall after three years. I think that wall is breakable but only with instruction or some kind of coaching.
I thought it was a good interview, have you practiced it much?   Also really like your YouTube channel, really good interview with monty.
@iacas any updates on your offer? has he still not contacted you about it?
What was his response to your offer? "Sounds great, I'll call you later to discuss" and then never called?
Sorry if this is too late but "why don't you post swing videos and your progression? "
 Thanks Pete, I find this very interesting. Good luck.
Just wondering how much time do you spend with your swing coach? In the beginning did you have to "rebuild" your swing at all or was it mostly just making small changes at a time?   Thanks,
 Im curious, what does Dan have to say? is he basically telling you that what he is doing is working well and doesn't need to do anything different? Any specific reasons for not wanting to trade/share information with you? or he just basically ignored it? Thanks,
 Makes sense, although those guys are amazing golfers. I am just saying simply if this guy was to get more to his left side that would cause the face to open even more, hence his brain tells him to hang back and let the face close?
I am definitely not an instructor, but find this interesting.  Isn't the fact he's not getting over to his left side because of the weak grip?
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