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So.... He plays about 5 rounds a week and warms up for 30 mins before and then hits the range after for 30 mins.?
Well I am definitely not a pro but I have .02   I think the grip you are using is too weak for your swing, it looks like you are trying to square up the club with your hands/arms and not rotation, this causes you to not get much turn in your back swing and have the chicken wing wrap around finish. It sounds funny but if you tried a much stronger grip I would bet you get a better turn and opposite to what you might think the ball wont hook.   Its gonna feel strange but...
YYes but he is not scratch now, that is my point.
We'll I guess I find this strange, why would anyone who wants a legit handicap count gimmes etc.....
We'll yes I don't believe his handicap I'm just saying I don't think you need to play in tournaments to lower it, he should be able to get to legit scratch without playing tournament golf
So you really think the only way he can get better is to play in tournaments?
We'll that's kind of my point in a way. He plays the same course all the time and only posts rounds every 10 days or so. I'm guessing he plays a round at least every second day and if he posted every score and also played different courses posting those scores we would know his current handicap. He just phones it in, so when he enters a tournament he of course blows up
I don't know about playing more tournaments.... I don't see the point. He needs to get down to a legit scratch handicap any way he can. Unless he is a true scratch he has no hope of getting anywhere in professional golf
Hey guys, sorry if this is a stupid question but when I search for Dan McLaughlin on GHIN I get 3 results, 2.6,10.4,2.6 and it looks like each has rounds played in May of 2014.   Why is there 3 index's?   Thanks,
I would say there is now more pressure then ever. I mean Dan is possibly going to have 4 rounds in a row in the high 80's ..... What can he use for an excuse?
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