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Hahahahah this is great.Well I think Dan needs a student for his first lesson and I'm pretty sure we could all agree on who that should be.So what do you say shorty? You up for taking a lesson from Dan 😄
How can he possibly coach.... Doesn't he need some credentials etc. ?
I doubt it, since Dan doesn't take many lessons it probably just a bad habit he picked up
I'm not an instructor but it doesn't look good at all. I think iacas said above that he doesn't turn but also he has no power and his sequencing is all weid. I'd bet he hits it no where and I can see how he has so many problems with his driver with that flat whips action.
This is not how I pictued the Dan Plan to play out at all. I thought that Dan would struggle for quite a while at first and then progress quite quickly to about a 4 handicap. The main difference though is that I thought his swing would look very good on video and he would hit a wall of sorts trying to figure out how to get down to scratch and have lots of people comment something like "well your swing is pretty good, you should be able to shoot lowered then that"
 This is interesting, this is exactly how I think Dan views his swing. He's said a few times that he's "making swing changes" but yet his swing doesn't look much different.
What I find so strange is that even when Dan plays along side + players and in this case someone who is going to turn pro he doesn't seem to comprehend how much worse he is........ thoughts?
ahh LOL, that's funny because that's what I would guess the score was.
 How did you find that out?
 This is really strange, how could he not see he is a world away from the +3 who is a world away from the PGA....... I wonder what they both shot.
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