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I really like the look of these but at double the price of current high end clubs I will have to pass.
I actually like leadbetters idea in this book. Most common faults are club inside at 2, a shallow backswing, and then a steep downswing. So how would you go about changing the most people by the largest margin? Suggest that they try the complete opposite! So go steep on the backswing with a cupped lead wrist and then tell them they will need to shallow the club in the downswing. Sort of genius in a way. As for how well it will work for an 18 handicapper, probably not...
@saevel25 at the edge of your ability means that you are exploring a change at a speed where you are successful roughly 80% of the time. For me this starts at about 50% swing speed and feels sooooo uncomfortable. Then as it becomes more comfortable I'll increase my swing speed. You need to be practicing slow enough that you can feel whether you made the change or you didn't make the change. (Then confirm using video) Deep practice is an exploration of your body and what...
Good work @iacas , practicing what you preach (how to practice)
What you feel and what you actually do are very different things. I feel like my right side does not stretch at all and I struggle with too much stretch (especially in my upper back). You'll need to use a mirror or camera and check the position that way to see what if feels like to you.
Damn, he's got some serious swing speed.
I want to add that I think the most valuable charts are the 1 or 2 scoring ranges better than where you are now. For example im a 75-80 shooter and found the 72-75 chart and the scratch or better chart to be the best for assessing how I can take my game to the next level.
@mvmac the swing on the right is better. Really good post, it's definitely the middle way that is best. Tournament next week? Work on positions very very little... Winter timewhere you won't be on the course for 6 months? Lots of slow motion reps changing the priority piece. At least that's what has worked for me.
@mvmac I'd say your greenside shots need some work... Scrambling is SV3 and looks like it could save you a couple strokes a round.
@dkolo yeah, it looks like it is desktop only.
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