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So I was introduced to ARX through Nick Clearwater who is one of the coaches who has helped me with my swing over the last few years. He is now working for GolfTEC (along with teaching on the PGA Tour).  For the last 3 months I've been using the ARX machine 2x a week and the results have been incredible. I am getting compliments regularly, and I feel much much stronger than ever before. I had been doing kettlebell 3-5x a week for the past 2 years but ARX has saved me...
I'm working on externally rotating my right shoulder from p4-p6. Think Jason Dufner elbows close together, right elbow stays close to right side in downswing.
@trickyputt One last piece of advice, check out aimpoint and edel. Both are game changers when it comes to putting. Hope you reach your goals.
IMO Tiger Woods was able to make golf cool and athletic. And I don't think a short Irish kid is going to make anyone change thier mind about whether golf is cool no matter how well he plays. Perhaps all these athletic players nowadays can keep golf from shrinking... But to grow the game again golf needs someone that brings something fresh, unique, and exciting to the sport and interests a new demographic of players.
Interesting, I averaged 9 GIR last season and my handicap was 2.7 to finish season. If you're a 9 and hitting 10 GiR your putting would have to very very bad. But I'd venture to guess you aren't averaging 10GiR...As @iacas says in lowest score wins, GiR is king. I'd highly recommend you start keeping that stat.
I find that a lot of people see that on their low rounds they holed a lot of putts and instantly think that thier putter saved them strokes. However it was likely the proximity to the hole on their approach shots that saved them strokes (meaning they had makeable putts for par/birdie). That being said for me I believe the driver is the most important club in the bag. I am confident I can keep my irons and wedges out of trouble and in play just about ever shot. However a...
Great, looking forward to your thoughts.
I can remember the round that evening fairly well but that's about it. My memory is particularly bad when it comes to putting. I have never thought, oh I remember this putt breaks this way... Thank God for aimpoint.
http://edelgolf.com/edel-torque-balanced-putters Sounds amazing, I want one! Will you guys get a fitting system for this in Erie @iacas?
This is a great idea.
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