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@JonMA1 I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that you have to manage your expectations. I fear many people (myself included) set thier expectations way too high in golf and then can't enjoy the small improvements that come along the way. What I've tried to do lately is to have no expectation for how good I will be in the future and instead focus my energy on whatever it is I can do to get better that day. Then even if I just get 1% better at 1 part of my game...
I'm confident the OP has mistaken clubhead speed for ball speed. Ball speeds of 150 with a driver and 125 with a 7 iron make a lot of sense... Clubhead speed makes none. Also those ball speeds are very close to the pga tour average which would mean that he is a fast swinger.
You'll want to get a copy of this book and study it. It will outline the key aspects to getting better at golf like where you should spend your practice time, how to strategize on the course, and so on. http://lowestscorewins.com
@iacas What happens when you add too much, overdraws? (Path to much out?)
I'm really curious how much of this type of loop is too much. I see Furyk and Moore having success with a ton of it and that really makes me wonder. So far the more loop I put into my swing the better I hit it.
I've recently added a loop like this in my swing and have found it has helped my ball striking a ton. It is much much better to go from a steep backswing to a shallow downswing than the opposite of that. Here's Chris Como with why it works...
He's had quite the journey. I'm rooting hard for him to make the cut at Augusta today!
Really hope your wrist is ok Nate
Been doing my 5 minutes of mirror work before bed. My focus has been the backswing body motion (taking out some extension of the spine while keeping my hips forward)
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