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@dkolo Yes, this works completely independent of the game golf unit.
@billchao Yeah, super simple. You click a + icon on the bottom of the screen and then select your club...
Game Golf has added quite a few new features to their iPhone app...   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/game-golf-gps-tracker-rangefinder/id682389516?mt=8   It's now an on course GPS rangefinder, scorecard, and stat keeper.   I used it for my round today and was able to tag all my shots very similar to how you would with the classic Game Golf belt unit. I loved the UI as I found it very easy to select the club I was hitting. I could even edit the round right there on...
The fairway % numbers in that chart seem very off to me. The pga tour average was 61.05% last year...
I'd like to add that the system is the "5 Simple Keys" IMO "Linking the Hands/Arms to the pivot in the Downsing" does not have the same simplicity for the student as the other keys which contain 2 words (steady head, weight forward, etc). You are definitely correct that the sequencing in the downswing is important, but as Iacas has made clear the 5sk instructors know this and have incorporated it into the keys (2,3,4).
@MikeGarofalo Thanks for sharing your views. I'm curious what your background is in strength training? I'm glad you shared your opinions and I'm hoping to turn the strength gains into power on the course. I saw some of Rory's swing speed numbers from 2011 and he has gained close to 10mph with his driver since! I directly attribute that gain to all the workouts he has done.
I have one, it can be useful for work on wrist conditions. Like most training aids, they can help you with on piece of the golf swing but will never be some sort of magic fix all. My only gripe is it tends to move around a lot and constantly need readjusting.
Very cool, what I notice is how much the right arm flies off the side of their body through impact. So much for putting tees or golf gloves under your right armpit.
How early are you planning to go on 10th of August? I will be at a concert at Alpine the evening of the 9th so if you want to play Erin in the morning I will have to pass. Luckily I've played it before so not a problem...
Oh yeah, and get an iPhone (or a camera that takes high speed video) and a tripod because feedback in practice is key.
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