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Spot on @iacas. In my experience change takes lots of energy... A few days of being very uncomfortable followed by a couple months of focused repetitions.
  URL: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/cedrictheo Username: cedrictheo Real Name: Cedric Theofanous
The 3 wood served me well today. Hit 3 fairways with it and hit it as my second shot on a par 5 and got within 15 yards of the front of the green. May end up buying a gamegolf as well. Look forward to @vasaribm impressions.
What about winter practice? Any nice indoor ranges?
There is a driving range at diversey and lake shore drive... http://diversey.cpdgolf.com They also have a course. http://sydneymarovitz.cpdgolf.com
Giving away all my secrets @iacas :))... Skype is great for mirror work, I never hit balls using it. More for checking positions/alignments and doing slow motion work.
I've made the trip from Chicago (8 hours) out to the golf evolution 4 times now (plus Dave came to Chicago once to do a 5sk school we put together). I'd highly recommend it. They have helped me develop a great short game (pitching and putting) as well as improve my ball striking. My first trip out there was 3 years ago and I was a 20 handicap then. As of June 1st I am down to 4.7!    Between their Aimpoint/Edel (putting), pitching, 5sk (full swing), and lowest score wins...
Really nice post Mike! Lately I've been doing "sandwiches" where the first rep is slow enough to change the picture 100% of the time (perhaps even over doing it) the second rep is faster and really at the edge of my ability so the picture only changes about 50% of the time, and the 3rd rep is slow enough that the picture changes 100% of the time...
It's a combination of a few things... PP#3 on top  Pressure in heel pad of left hand (Use this to monitor Power Accumulator #2 or wrist hinge) Also importantrates of right elbow flexion vs. shoulder turn
Thanks, you have a good memory! I've struggled with clubhead in at 2 but have a really good feel for it right now.
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