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Really nice post Mike! Lately I've been doing "sandwiches" where the first rep is slow enough to change the picture 100% of the time (perhaps even over doing it) the second rep is faster and really at the edge of my ability so the picture only changes about 50% of the time, and the 3rd rep is slow enough that the picture changes 100% of the time...
It's a combination of a few things... PP#3 on top  Pressure in heel pad of left hand (Use this to monitor Power Accumulator #2 or wrist hinge) Also importantrates of right elbow flexion vs. shoulder turn
Thanks, you have a good memory! I've struggled with clubhead in at 2 but have a really good feel for it right now.
That was impressive.  I miss that super heavy wedge! Hitting high pitches with that club felt like slicing warm butter.
Thanks! A lot of practice in the garage to get the swing to look this nice...
The pitching is improving, my bad pitch shots seem to come from upper COG moving backwards in downswing... Also I've lightened my grip pressure which has helped with the loading piece.    I haven't given the tempo my full attention yet (as soon as weather turns and I can go play it will be priority #1). This week I've focused on shortening backswing through less extension of my lower/mid spine while hip COG moves forward. Also working on keeping my head steady during...
I've been Practicing Golf for: 3 years (played some when I was a kid but never practiced or got lessons) My current handicap index is: 4.9 My typical ball flight is: Med/High Draw The shot I'm trying to eliminate is: anything low or that curves a lot (I prefer high and straight-ish)   Videos:  ------03/01/14 DTL-----    
How does one figure out how talented they are?  All you can do is take it 1 practice session at a time and focus on improving your game day in and day out. Where you are aiming has only a little effect on where you end up IMO. What's important is perseverance to get out there everyday and work on your game with all your energy. 
I use my iPhone on a tripod as my camera. This is a great case/mount that works on just about any tripod...    Link
This could be helpful to all the aimpointers out there...   link   I wonder how accurate it is?
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