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I've submitted a review! 
Tiger Woods -11 Adam Scott -11 Russel Henley -12
Currently looking at getting a new driver shaft with a high launch, low spin profile and deciding between the Fubuki K vs. GD Tour AD-DI6.    My swing speed averages at 103-104 mph and my miss is a low, left hook. I currently have the stock Aldila RIPD NV 60s in a Razr Fit and find it to be a bit too whippy.   Any advice on differentiating between the two? TIA.
3/4 swing, 52* 
As a lot have said, I love the E6 (tried the E5 too, but preferred the E6) when it comes to buying a new ball. They are relatively inexpensive and fly straight.   However, if you're just starting out and losing more than 2-3 balls per round, I'd highly recommend trying knetgolf.com and buying used balls in bulk and for very cheap. I prefer the recycled balls rather than the refinished ones. Also, I like these guys much better than lostgolfballs.com. I had a very bad...
I recently got fitted for a new set of irons, but as most have said, I'd recommend going to your local pro shop (driving range, club, or public course). For the most part, they will almost always be able to beat the MSRP. If they absolutely won't budge on price, I'd suggest going elsewhere.   As far as the fitting goes, most places will have you get started with the 6i as a healthy middle ground to gauge what you'll need. However, especially for some of the progressive...
I would imagine that it wouldn't write very well even if it survived a tee shot after being stuck in the ground over and over.
I've used the GolfShot app on my iPhone all season, and it's been great. It's been very accurate for yardages and keeping track of my stats.   I can appreciate the romanticism behind sticking with pencil and scorecards, but I don't think there is a more efficient way of keeping track of my HCP, GIRs, sand saves, etc. To each their own...
Done. TW13s here I come! 
Tiger Woods -13 Zach Johnson -11 Adam Scott -11
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