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I've actually left my PW once, and the group behind rode ahead to us to check if it was mine. I was very grateful.   I've also found someone's wedge once, and as someone had mentioned, I left it near the exit section of the green.
haha, after reading this thread I cleaned my clubs last night.   I usually clean them every other round or so. I also use dishwasher soap and warm water, but I also use a magic eraser for some of the grass stains.   I've never actually heard of cleaning the grips before. I'll give that a try too next time around.
This is definitely an interesting thread.    As much as I'd prefer to walk, I've been riding more lately. I've realized that until I get more consistent with my ball flight (i.e. lower my hcp), I'll ride the more difficult courses I play, especially during peak hours. I do this so I don't hold up any groups behind me trying to find my ball should it be in the deeper rough.   There's a course nearby that is a relatively easy par 65 that I will always walk. Also,...
Agreed. I've only really picked up golf in the last 2 years, so I may not be able to provide the same perspective. But, I play because I enjoy the nice walk, catching up with my friends, all the while having the goal of being relatively competitive one day in my club.    Especially with the recent addition to our family, it's been great to be able to step away for a round with some guys.
I've hit my PW 145 before. It was super thin though...
80-90 yards out, choking down with a soft 52*. Actually, come to think of it...anything with my 52*, I'm very happy with.
This.I'm kind of a big guy too (6'2", 230), and realized that my right arm was fighting against my left wrist. This led to a poor swing plane and the dreaded 30+ yard fade. Check your left wrist at your back swing. If its cocked up, flatten that out. This helped me a lot.
Been using Golfshot for the last 4-5 rounds (with GPS) and have been really enjoying it. I find it sufficient to use instead of a laser rangefinder or separate GPS unit.
3 here. Tried to go blade and ended up going back to mallet. Ram Zebra Mallet Camber-Sole Nike Method Core 3i Odyssey Tour Metal D.A.R.T.
Whenever I get to the course without even time to hit on the practice greens, I tend to have a pretty poor front 9. I usually like to get there at least an hour before my tee time (15-20 to check in, change and get situated...and the rest of the time to chip and putt a few).
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