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$13?? Wow. Is that including your bag and full set of clubs? Did you package it yourself? Or grab an empty box from a local pro shop, etc?
Any recommendations for something within 20-30 minutes (weekday AM, considering traffic) of Pasadena? 
Anybody ship their clubs recently? How much did they charge to package and ship? I'll be traveling from PHL to LAX.   I'd normally just check my clubs, but wife and kid are coming this time, so we'll be pretty hefty on our carry-on load.
1. Go a round without losing a ball. 2. Consistently shoot in the mid-80s. 3. No more 3 putting.
I considered wearing headphones playing as a single once or twice, but didn't want the wires getting in the way and would rather just relax with a quiet outing to myself.   Speaking of quiet, as most have said, as long as I don't hear it from another group, I could care less. But if they pulled up to my tee box, music blaring...yea, I wouldn't appreciate that too much.
This is almost exactly what I did, word for word, and my slice is, for the most part corrected. I am now working on increasing my distance without losing these fundamentals. 
I'd find a nice beginners course in your area and try to go on a weekday twilight. There's a good chance you won't have to worry about people complaining around you.   I have nice straight course only a 5 minute drive away where I can play a quick twilight by myself without worrying about waiting on people ahead or rushing through for people behind.
Well done. A buddy of mine and I were thinking of going out yesterday or today but decided against it. I'll make up for it next week.   Where'd you end up playing? (I'm up in Montgomery County)
Nice! I'm at that point where I think I'm close to my first birdie :) Strong work!
Wanted to throw in my 2-cents on these guys.   Ordered a new Razr Fit driver last Tuesday. And of course FedEx decides to mis-sort the package and now it's on it's way to me from California. And now, I'm pretty pissed, because I had 2 rounds planned this weekend hoping to take my new club out for a spin.   Well, now I'm supposed to get my driver this Friday (hopefully in time for my Saturday round), so as a good gesture they gave me a decent discount and free...
New Posts  All Forums: