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 I''ll add to this a modification of an earlier post... *Dont' take 10 practice swings before hitting the ball... take 15 - 20
 The only guy really smiling is the guy who won... lol... and his dad  left to right:  me, @kregan, @dsc123, @RandallT, @0ldblu3, and the winner, JakeStateFarm 
 Yeah, pretty bad when the range is the hi-light of the round... but hey, that was the most fun I'd had playing that poorly. We were seperated from the rest of the group and had to play with another twosome, but @kregan was fun golfing partner out there. Shared a lot of laughs, mostly at each other...  And for what it's worth @dsc123, I shot about 5 strokes better than my top speed on the highway.  It was a good time though, and I'm looking forward to doing it again. I...
 Is he "like a good neighbor? "
 works for me... but if I end up scoring real well... we can adjust it back down to 16... (don't want to earn the "s word" label...) lol
 Makes sense...  Maybe the winner can change his custom user title to 'TST Mid-Atlantic Champ' or something along those lines.    Hey, 16 sounds fair the way you went about it... I appreciate it. I guess I'm a little too hard on myself when estimating my HC. Question though... did you factor in the mulligans I mentioned? 
 Fine by me... even if i don't win the bragging rights, I still walk away with a vanity cap (16!)  @iacas :  Is it possible to create some sort of Mid-Atlantic bragging rights badge that the "winner" of this outing can wear proudly on the site? 
 Yea, I really don't know my handicap. I've only been golfing for 2 years so learning to play has been more my concern than keeping score. Last year I had 1 round over 100, most of my rounds in the mid to low 90's, 1 in the mid 80's, and 1 in the high 70's (although that was at small par 66 course. ) Also factor in about 1 mulligan per round into those numbers (sometimes I took 2, sometimes 1, sometimes none). Feel free to ascribe whatever HC you think makes sense given...
 not sure if you've read thru the whole thread...  we decided on the timbers at troy. bulle rock was a bit too far/pricey to get the most participants possible. Are you planning on going Apr 6? 
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