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Shot a 90 this morning with a triple and quad bogey on the back 9. The quad bogey came on a long par 4 where I hit my approach shot out of a fairway bunker into the water hazard.... followed by some serious short game issues... totally my fault... let my ego get the best of me. Should have pitched out into the fairway and likely would have gotten away with bogey or double bogey at worst. The triple bogey was on a narrow par 5 with a sharp dog leg lined by trees. It was me...
 Sure they would, there's a checkbox on the CC permit marked "self defense" I don't understand why people thinks the guy's story is fake... Looks more to me like the people making gun owners "seem like paranoid tin foil hat wearing idiots" are the ones accusing gun owners of making up stories for justification of their "cause"... 
ahh... ouch that is a brutal difference... funny how golf has this equalizing effect during the course of a round.  I was playing horribly the front nine the other day, looked like I was going to shoot about 110. Turned it around on the back nine with several pars, a birdie and no blow up holes... what can you do at this stage? lol
wait... isn't 36 + 46 = 82? I've checked it twice on my calculator 
hit a 110 yard approach shot to 2 feet and sank the putt for my only birdie of the day. it was a beautiful look shot the whole way... landed about 1 foot from the cup. 
@kregan, @dsc123, @RandallT, @0ldblu3, How bout a fall classic or end of summer thing... something... I'm eager to play Glenn Mills, but need the proper "motivation".   welcome @12PackAbs I live in philly... let me know if you want to play some time.
Count me in... I know i'm late to the party, but previously everyone of my friends I've talked to were "cold" prospects, scoffers, if you will. Recently I've been engaging a close friend of mine and got him interested.   Monday, we went to the golfsmith store, looked at some clubs. Went to a driving range, I worked with him on a few basics, head still, weight shift, grip. He did real well, used a pitching wedge the entire time. Hit down on the ball, has a lot of...
Holy cow, 14 pages in 3 days... not bad...   I haven't carried on a course yet... but mainly for cosmetic reasons (bulky, can imagine I would be too aware of it while playing). And also out of consideration for other players who might get weirded out by that. But I see nothing wrong with it provided its legal.    Public courses in Philly can be strange... and like anywhere else in the city, you just never know. 
boy, how many golfers would like to be able to say that....  I can't even vouch for my last 30 days! lol
Welcome to the forum @charliek98. Great to see how much you are playing and (hopefully) enjoying the game. There's a lot this site has to offer... I would recommend you get acquainted with the 5sk thread, which should really give you some important things to focus on, and also learn a little bit about the ball flight laws (tons of threads in here about that). That way you can self diagnose a little bit what's going on with your swing by observing your ball flight.    If...
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