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My go to cigar is Arturo Fuente Hemingway... never lets me down.   When I need a little variety, I go to the drew estates tabak dark roast maduro.    great thread  btw...
 congrats on the improvement...  I looked at the article in the link... the visual representation of the "swing" looks more like casting than anything i've learned. Never seen that promoted in teaching before. 
 funny, my autobiography would read much the same... except for the 2nd home next to a golf course part... lol
wow, good for you! 2 years into it... that's some incredible progress... I started around the same time as you. Hopefully I'll join you soon enough. But all the stars would have to align perfectly for that to happen... the golf gods surely are not that giving :)
90 this morning. unfortunately this is the best round of the year so far... but i'll take it
  lolol... disarmed
On a really difficult hole, its a par 4, 300 yards on the card, sharp dogleg right, all up hill, with trees guarding the corner and fw bunkers cleverly placed as well. I hit my 3 wood really well off the tee with enough draw to almost call it a hook and carried it just short of the greenside bunkers. Followed that shot with a great 20 yard chip for a tap in birdie...   
Shot a 90 this morning with a triple and quad bogey on the back 9. The quad bogey came on a long par 4 where I hit my approach shot out of a fairway bunker into the water hazard.... followed by some serious short game issues... totally my fault... let my ego get the best of me. Should have pitched out into the fairway and likely would have gotten away with bogey or double bogey at worst. The triple bogey was on a narrow par 5 with a sharp dog leg lined by trees. It was me...
 Sure they would, there's a checkbox on the CC permit marked "self defense" I don't understand why people thinks the guy's story is fake... Looks more to me like the people making gun owners "seem like paranoid tin foil hat wearing idiots" are the ones accusing gun owners of making up stories for justification of their "cause"... 
ahh... ouch that is a brutal difference... funny how golf has this equalizing effect during the course of a round.  I was playing horribly the front nine the other day, looked like I was going to shoot about 110. Turned it around on the back nine with several pars, a birdie and no blow up holes... what can you do at this stage? lol
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