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Yeah, my bad on thatbut your videos are legendary now.     good observation  
bumping...   Very helpful thread. What is the recommended height that the camera should be set up at? 
  sorry about that... I tinkered with the privacy, but not sure if that did much.... try this one: Its from about a week ago, but I wasn't practicing, just testing out the slow mo on my camera. Still, you'll get the gist.  I'm going to try to get practice in this weekend, will hopefully have new video from better angles under practice conditions (loose, warmed up etc). also, disregard the lawn plz. the mower broke   
FWIW...  I know I'm late to the discussion, but I was just looking thru video on my youtube channel and came across this gem...  I was out with a friend and he took a 10$ bet to try and hit the ball out of about 3-4 inches of water.    
  This is from spring 2014.... (was trying to sort out some shank issues that day). However, I've gone thru swing changes since then.... I'll try to put up something new over the weekend.   
 I got an iphone 4s... 30 fps... no good IMO. I lose a lot of detail between the frames just before and after impact.    Yikes!!! 120 fps!? Had I known, I woulda made the switch at my last upgrade.    Don't have a Mac :( and not buying one in the near future... We have an Ipad though... is there an app for that?   Thanks for the tip Irons it is... I like the way @Ernest Jones refers to them as "sparkly"... lol. As far as getting fitted... u guys think a stock fitting will...
 thanks, the idea of a camera was with evolvr in the back of my mind. or at least to garuntee that if/when i take some lessons that the video analysis will be crisp.  got a "my swing" thread already... but lets face it... my iphone hasn't really been up to the task.  thanks again    as far as cameras go... i'm looking at a used Casio Exilim EX-FH20... decent? 
I'm debating what to spend my money on so I figured I'd probe the Sand Trap for your input.    If I had all the money I needed, I'd buy the following... (in no particular order):    pull cart (would like to walk more courses next year)  rangefinder (would help make practice time more meaningful, yardage markers at the driving range are not really reliable) new irons (to replace my beginner Acuity boxed set I bought at dicks a few years ago) new golf bag (currently...
 Interesting to hear you say this... I go thru similar ups and downs. Every time its a "down", I feel as though my practice and trending is all for naught. Its as if some days I step out there and it feels no differently than if it were the first time I've ever played. I'm sure damn near everyone can relate, but regardless, its a very discouraging feeling. Having played for just over 2 years now, its easy to start thinking of the Q word whenever this happesn... but there's...
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