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 Or maybe he's being incredibly ignorant... to put it nicely. 
I don' think I've ever seen a televised commercial for a fictional book... what's so special about this guy that he gets that kind of marketing?
i can't stand those commercials... especially his intro where he talks about all the possible bad things that can happen to a golfer... its like he's trying to plant those ideas in my head...!
I agree with the cheapest you can find...    I used Nike Mojo when I first started. 20.00 for 2 dozen balls... and its not a half bad ball either. 
I've observed this at the driving range on windy days... some well struck balls that soar well beyond my normal carry, then some well struck balls that soar like dead ducks. 
I did that for the first few weeks... and like I said, it wasn't helping anything. However, since I resumed my regular exercise and swing practice, the pain has been greatly reduced. My appointment with the PT basically confirmed my observations. After describing the nature of the pain and the patterns, his recommendation was to keep working it out. He even gave me rotational exercises that he wants me to perform every couple of hours. He thinks its less muscular and more...
no brainer, keep up the good work !
Update:    So its been almost a month since the injury first occurred. I had been playing it smart since then, resting, not swinging, but the pain wasn't going anywhere. It would subside for a day maybe, but then I would do something normal, like sneeze or cough, and it would flare right back up again.  So long story short, I figured, if every natural thing I do is going to keep this injury from healing on the fast track, I might as well start swinging the club again....
He caddied for Cheyenne Woods???? sweet mary mother of joseph... that's enough to reignite passion in the dead 
If I had to pick between Justin and Robert, I'd go with Justin... He's not as long of a hitter... but he strikes me as a better all around player. very close tho.  Clay's elimination round was surprisingly strong... almost like he has another gear for the pressure of elimination. When you hear him talk, it almost sounds like he relishes the opportunity, which to me sounds like someone who is mentally tough. I would prefer he not resort to mind games... that almost proves...
New Posts  All Forums: