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 Interesting to hear you say this... I go thru similar ups and downs. Every time its a "down", I feel as though my practice and trending is all for naught. Its as if some days I step out there and it feels no differently than if it were the first time I've ever played. I'm sure damn near everyone can relate, but regardless, its a very discouraging feeling. Having played for just over 2 years now, its easy to start thinking of the Q word whenever this happesn... but there's...
I'm actually in the middle of a break... My story is rather similar to yours and I reached a point of frustration where I was all but certain to turn in my clubs. I haven't played a round in over a month. What I did do was go to the range a few times and record my swing. I noticed a few obvious flaws that I couldn't quite feel while playing, and having addressed those, I'm currently practicing the modified swing so that hopefully it wont disintegrate by the 4th hole next...
 careful here... lest you find yourself crucified with the rest of the free thinking world... you don't want to put your reputation on the line here. The tst gods are watching and they're a sensitive bunch!
 recently I had a similar round. The front 9 was atrocious... I appeared to be well on my way to a +100 round. Then my playing partner watched me hit a good drive and commented on the difference in my tempo. Something about him pointing that out stuck with me and I finished really strong. I went par,par, birdie, par, par at one stretch and finished the round at my typical 92- 95
 got it... i hope you're right. The kid strikes me as a good representative for the game. 
 I'll digress, and not because I'm concerned about what you think of me, or my tanking repurtation, or the impact it will have on my kids... (seriously, that was lame) but because this thread is quickly becoming off topic and i'm the cause of it. Please, if my views bother anyone as much it has Phil, Iacas, or Fourputt, feel free to vent your frustrations via private message. 
 Thats a good point... see, these are nuances that I'm just not familiar with. Haven't been around the sport long enough. No need to villlainize me because my philosophy of competition was forged and fermented in the context of a different sport(s) - or another way of saying it - hasn't been influenced by the game of golf ... yet.
 All due respect - perhaps you should stop responding if what you're trying to do is get me to change my mind... I'm certainly not trying to get you to change yours. I was under the impression that this was a discussion, where there is room for civil minds to disagree and still positively contribute to the topic.   yeah, if it played out like you describe, it definitely would look bad. I'm not sure exactly how it all went down, but it appeared as though Ricky had already...
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