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Wow this helped alot, thanks to whoever helped me here!
That was supposed to be " Slow motion video of my swing with my driver" in the title.
I was not sure if this is a ok spot to post this so I apologize if it should be elsewhere. I just did a slow motion video of my swing with my driver and after my backswing on the way to impact probably about 2/3 of the way when I am going frame by frame it looks like the head of the driver is flexing foward through impact. It looks really strange, I was not sure if that was normal or what. I realize I need to get a video up so you all could see what I mean and I will try...
I actually tried this myself when out for a round, Copied the Arnold Palmer foot chart with my driver (which I silce big time) I put my right foot back about 2 inches or so and was not having much luck. The next day I went to the range and did the same thing with my stance but this time I shifted my weight a bit toward my right leg ( or sot of over my right leg/foot)  and I was hitting I guess you might call it a baby fade. It would start out a little left and come...
What is the D-Plane? 
Am I supposed to be holding a club while doing this?
My instructor told me that whatever direction my club is moving in at impact is the direction my ball is going to start flight. Along with that he said that what ever direction my club face was in at impact is the direction my ball will basically end its flight. Does that seem right? Maybe this question is to obvious to be asked here but im still learning and want to learn right.
Is it possible to buy balls that are just to cheap? I have been picking up these wilsons at walmart about $6.97 a dozen.
I have the red set of tight lies I think they are the 1012 or 1021 something like that. Im 6'2" and tall and thin and they seem ok. I am taking lessons and my instructor says I need bigger grips as I have large hands, but he never mentions anything about the length of my clubs. Anyway I paid $400 and they came with the 4H, I like them and have played a bunch with them in last year.
I grew up around here( I.E.) however my mother grew up from a youngster to adult here and watched it go from Edgemont to Moreno Valley and open fields in which my grandfather built one of the only houses around to houses everywhere. Did you ever play Cottonwood while living here? Im am enjoying that right now as a begginer and the price is nice to, 6 bucks if you carry your clubs from 3:45 on.
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