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I bought this AW over the weekend at a golf retailer as a used club.  Since then, I have been trying to find a matching SW online and cannot find another Callaway wedge with the blue paint fill on it.  It's really starting to bug me a little.  I first thought it might be a ladies club, but it's not.  It does not have a factory lie adjustment since Callaway uses a different color top groove to identify lie adjustments.   There is an "R" under the word forged on the...
Thanks for the quick help.  I paid $30 for it.   What's funny is that I searched eBay up one side and down the other looking for this club, both in current and past listings and found no trace of it.  I did google searches, etc and found no mention of this particular club.   I appreciate the help.  Looks like I will be hanging on to this item for a while.
I have purchased a Hawkeye 1 iron from a friend and am looking to resell it.  However, I cannot find any online info or sales history for this club.  The club is in like new condition with the steel shaft.  I had contacted ironfinder.com and the gal I heard back from told me that these were hard to find, but couldn't offer any advice on value.   Any help would be appreciated as to an estimated value, or just information about the club   Thanks
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