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Dak, great advice.  I experimented with many of the techniques that were mentioned by the original poster, and they all "work" and produce something slightly different.  You have to practice around the green to really know what happens. I will go to my local course when it's not busy and play 9 holes alone.  I will tee off, just for practice then go to 100 yards and drop 4 balls and play them in.  Way better than any range practice if you can do it. One of my key...
crickets...........crickets   anyone??
A course with Cart Girls, not kidding.  During this economy many courses in this area have cut back on them.  Rarely there and limited hours.   Other than that, a well marked course, in that we have a couple of courses in the area that you really dont know what flag or direction you are aiming at.   Greens that are realistic and dont feel that they should have a windmill on them.
Has anyone been to the Haney School in Lewisvile, Texas?  Or any location for that matter?  I am considering going for one on one with an instructor for 2 or 3 days.   What I have never understood is why the prices are one for a "Senior Instructor" and double that for a "Director Instructor"??  Will you learn half as much because the senior instructor is only a Half wit??   Thoughts and experience??
I have a lower disc issue and it is very irritated after playing golf.  The disc is herniated, they said PT, or shots, or surgery.  Has anyone had fusion type surgery and continued to play.  Was there limiting factors after that.  Lastly what was your recovery time before getting back out.   I can play about once per week then "recover" for about 5 days.   Thanks in advance.
Yeah every now and then I will feel like a did a little Elvis shift without trying or thinking about it hit the ball much further than normal.  Just can seem to repeat it.  Just pops up once in a while.
Jspangler, you could be on to something.  My instructor says that I am open slightly at address and he is trying to keep my left shoulder from opening before hands pass.   HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM   thanks
I get about the same or more distance with my feet about 4 inches apart, than with them at regular distance. Shoulder width or slightly wider??  I still start with weight slightly back and shift my front leg, but the feet are only about 4 inches apart. Any thoughts?
speed as in baseball is disputed as not the silver bullet, of course not........all other things being equal, I would rather swing at 110 than 90.  You have the potential to hit the ball further at 110 than at 90, and distance equals accuracy........
Atlantis, sorry but for this HIGH handicapper, hot chicks and golf . hmmmmmmmmmmmm Big Break Lingerie sponsored by Victoria's Secret   Seriously there are hours and hours and hours of men playing absolutely great golf on the golf channel.  One hour a week of the girls was a good thing!!
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