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Taylormade SLDR S driver
A Ping Ketch Putter, box of Srixon balls, and a glove
To golf better today then I did yesterday.
Integrity does not come in measures; you either have it or you don’t
Wow, what a subject close to my heart. I as well have recently taken up the game again after many years, and I as well am having a difficult time finding golf partners.  What I have concluded that golf, like other things in life are better when not alone , but even alone, it's better then none.
So OK.  I've played two rounds with my new Sun Mountain Four-5... LOVE IT!  It is lightweight, has plenty of storage, and I just like the way it looks too.  Time will tell how well it holds up, but as for now I cannot imagine wanting another bag.
As an early Father's day gift, my wife gave me a Sun Mountain Four-5 this past weekend. I suppose she got the hint from my whining and telling her if I had this I would never want anything else ever again! LOL.  Anyway, so for, I love the organization and the weight.  I’ll let you know how it goes after this Saturday.
I have purchased used clubs through my golf teacher/pro; he knows local people who are selling clubs.  I felt he knew me and my abilities and knew best what clubs would work for me at my current state of play.   So far, I have purchased a Taylormade R7 Driver, a Cobra 9 wood, a set of Adamsgolf A3OS Idea Hybrids, and am considering a set of three Adams Tom Watson Wedges.  So far, the clubs he has suggested to me have worked well.  I know some day I will want a nice, new,...
I am looking for someone who would not mind playing with a newbie with an unknown handicap.  My weekends are usually open and can, from time to time, find time for a quick 9 during the week.
Looking for a golf buddy around the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia who wouldn't mid playing with a newbie with a very high handicap.
New Posts  All Forums: