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Ian Poulter -8 Matt Kuchar -8 Patrick Reed -8
9.5 degree driver is pretty low.....Loft up?
@jodastra I'm in central Ohio too, what outdoor range did you go to?
Was just reading through this thread, congrats David! I use golfnow a lot too and was wondering how many rounds you booked last year to get an opportunity like this? Of course you get an advantage on us northern folks with being able to golf year round...but I was just curious? Thanks!!
This weather has me super depressed. I get days off during the week..I go to the gym, come home and sit and watch the golf channel. Watching them play in Cali adds to my depression. In central Ohio, I played about 2 weeks ago it was almost 50. Looks like it will AT LEAST be another 2 weeks before I even think about playing outside again. I have an indoor range close to my house, but that doesn't suffice. Getting closer and closer to moving to Florida.
Just got 2 dozen Taylormade Lethal golf balls for 30$/dozen with free shipping from 3balls.com -- Pretty good deal, although I think they are prior generation. Love these balls, they still might have some available if interested.
Thanks guys...really appreciate the info! Keep the knowledge coming!
What do you think the course condition at Arcadia would be around May 9th-11th?
Good idea using VRBO! I've used them before, going to look into options! Thanks!
Thanks for all the replies! Things have changed as I have thought more about this since your responses. We are going to go either the 2nd week of May or late summer/early fall now. I'm trying to figure out if staying at a resort is the best way to do this. For lodging, all we need is the basics: shower, 4 beds, fridge. Most of the resorts look like we are getting and paying more than we need, which the extra $$ could be spent on golf. Only thing is, I like some of...
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