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Thanks Eich41.  Well my husband certainly has no problem spending on golf! so I am guessing the fact that he has 3 drivers sitting in our garage means he likes trying them out :)  Seems like there are no restrictions at all on the length of membership so I think it's a pretty cool way to be able to demo the various drivers etc.  And all for a price (per month) than a set of Titleist ProV1x balls   I'm sure he'll love it!
So getting to that time of year again and I've left it a bit late.  I've always thought I was a golf nut but of course my husband takes the crown! What to get the man who has everything?  Came across GolfRedefined.com and thought it would be perfect for him.  Any driver he wants and he can swap them out at will.  They seem new so wondering if anyone has anything negative to say.  Need an answer ASAP but will still try them out I think...seems like no commitment period etc.
Presume we are going to find out tomorrow.  TaylorMade have been pushing an announcement for the 23rd of October...Similar to an Apple release with plenty of innuendo...Guess we will know more tomorrow.  What do you guys think - anyone have any insider knowledge??
Well I thought it was fantastic!  But I suspect we will only see it at a one off special event like the Ryder Cup...but it certainly makes it much more exciting...    
Any update on this?  Wonder now that we are getting so much closer to announcements being made for the 2013 models... kind of an unlucky number though....
HAhaha Love it!
I actually ask friends with other drivers to borrow them for a few rounds...despite them having different customizations and shafts etc. I find the ones that I like or that "suit" my game and then I go and demo these in the store.  Of course this isn't quite the same as going to a demo day but in the absence of that I do get to try out the different drivers on the course over a few rounds which gives me much better feedback than just in the artificial environment of a...
Despite modern manufacturing methods etc. nothing is ever exactly the same.  Quite possible that your demo club has a slightly different weighting etc, than the one you bought...also as you play with a club, over time the flexing etc. means that it feels differently!
A very interesting opinion that has made me think.  I would always be of the opinion to try and practice (all things and sports) in a live environment - that indoors you are isolating yourself from the elements etc.  And I do accept that the more you can focus on the area of improvement ie swing etc. the easier it is to improve that aspect.  But golf is such a mental game and most of us just don't have the time of the pro's to spend hours focusing on just one little...
I would have the same opinion - useful information and well worth doing but only in conjunction with some "live" testing on the course... I have always found that the computers never accurately reflect how I hit on the course but to be honest I do not know if this is as a result of the algorithms or whether it is the fact that you are indoors away from the elements or whether my own "psychology" is the issue...interested to know others thoughts on this.
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