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I think it depends on where you are renting from.  Most clubs have rentals but I find that these are older clubs and not always satisfactory.  If you are just there for a quick round or whatever then fine but otherwise I would always bring my own clubs.  Then there are the other rental options - the sites that you can rent pretty decent clubs from and that are shipped via fedex to your hotel or wherever.  I have never tried one of those services but interested to know...
I am assuming that most ranges just have mats and that this is where most people practice...I am lucky enough that near me there is one range which allows you to play of grass and to be honest I find this the most "realistic".  Sure hitting off a mat can be useful for swing practice etc. but nothing like the real thing.  And I endeavor now to just hit off the grass as much as I can...   What do you guys think?  Does it really make much of a difference?
Thats a good piece of advice...sometimes I swing and focus on a bit of grass at the front of the ball for that very reason and I try and make sure that the head comes down on that plane so I strike through the ball! At least thats my theory ;)
Seems to be a pretty common thing to be honest...one step back for every 2 steps forward they say... happens to us all from the mere amateur to the highest pros... Keep at it - remember it is a game! ;)
As it happens I tend not to focus too much on a small point.  I have tried in the past but generally now I just look at the ball in its entirety...works for me though I know others have a different perspective. Good luck
So what do I do - housewife and mum to 2 boys... Hubby and the 2 boys just LOVE golf...feel like a golf widow so decided if you can't beat them, join them... and now I am hooked... Lovin it...
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