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I haven't taken an Aimpoint course, but I did work with David Orr who gave me the nuts and bolts of Aimpoint but I did not get the charts etc.  The biggest thing he taught me was how to read the green, find the fall line, etc.  I played to a low HC for 20 years and never really knew how to read a green correctly.  I was the "looks like it breaks left about a cup and a half" with really no clue why or exactly if it was breaking left or right.  Now I can find the fall line...
I live two hours from Cincy, Lex, and Columbus and plan to play on all three some I am hoping but from the looks of my 11 year old's travel baseball schedule it is going to be tough unfortunately.  There are some good courses on each schedule that I would like to play but I do not miss any of his games.   
I have two 56's, 2 60's, and a 50 Scratch wedge in the 8620.  The thing I like best about them is the bounce and the fact that I requested lighter heads to get a lower swing weight since I play them 1/2" over standard.  The second 56 and 60 I bought, I did not buy from Scratch and I removed some weight from the hosel to get my swing weight down.  They came with KBS Tour shafts which i have since switched to C Tapers.   I love my wedges.  Them still spin great, look...
I have a pair of Ecco Biom Hybrids and like them quite a bit, they are my second favorite pair of shoes right behind my True PHX's.  Last Saturday I walked the first 18 in the Eccos and changed to the Trues for the second 18.  The Trues leave my feet feeling better after 36 than any other pair of shoes I have ever owned, and the Eccos are second best.
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