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I own 32's, 33's and 37's. Love them all. 33's spend a lot of time in my bag. Got my eye out for another set, as mine are almost worn out.
Ps. I used to carry a Taylor made tour spoon back in the day, Had to have one of the smallest heads ever!!!!!!!
I carry a 13deg callaway tour. I find the lower trajectory narrows the distance gap between my old 15deg 3 wood, And my 7deg driver.
Picked them up on eBay uk. Had been watching them and there were no bids. I missed the end of the auction, but they came around again at an even lower price!!! He started them at £25, but dropped them to £20!!!!!! I live in Australia but get clubs posted to a uk address, then deal with the postage from there. It works out a lot cheaper, but can take a while to get the clubs down under. Looking forward to having a hit with these, as I did have a set many years ago. This now...
Just picked up another set 4-pw with DG S300 shafts for $34 AD. Bargin.
Hi I have the spalding tour edition (bird on ball) irons 2,4,8,9,P,S Brand new, unshafted, never used, sat in a shoe box. They are a vision of beauty, and I would love to hit them. Any ideas what their worth.
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