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Saw those videos and I know that my weight is getting stuck on the right foot is a big problem, kinda like falling backwards. When i get that moving forward i get good distance. I tee up against my left toe for sure.
I tee up high so that the equator of the ball is above the driver and I have 10.5 taylormade burner. I rarely get any elevation with my driver and always hugging the ground.. luckily I live in hot climate and ball rolls a lot. I would say my the ball flies around 200 yards and rolls another 30+ yards.   My 3 wood when I tee up gets me 250, 20+ yards more than driver. But my ego wont let me put the driver in the bag.   What should I do to get some elevation with my...
I am more of a sweeper.. spent lot of time trying to get a divot and failed miserably... :-(
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