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Why cos they are so fat
1 Last week first birdie on a par 4 Hope it's the first of many
Pitching wedge , loving it
Par three ,130 yards , caught my tee shot fat , leaving ten yard chip , pond at the back and side with a sloping green , lovely chip landed rolled out curving round the slope , stopped on the very edge of the cup.
Looking and sounding very nice . Well done
santa brought me   52, 56 , 60 degree  , low bounce wedges   Loudmouth golf shorts   Loudmouth belt   Loudmouth Polo
you need to be way  way better than scratch to play on tour   allthough  , it didnt stop our own Ian Poulter from turning pro when he was off 4 and look at him now
who are you ?   Gok Wan
  allthough there are over 3000 young ladies under 16 who play off scratch or better in Korea
I work with young offenders
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