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Can't figure out how AJ's swing is any different from others. When I take the club back, not purposely rotating forearms, my shoulder turn and a natural rotation of my left arm at the shoulder makes my right palm a "cell phone" at the top. In the downswing my right arm "turns the door knob or screw driver or whatever without my trying to do it. I don't get it.
If you're Type A behaviour, skip the DVD's. Eddie talks like he (and) you are going to live forever. Not for the "cut to the chase" crowd.
Have about a dozen drivers. Including Bomb Tech. Some drive "farther" than others. None save me a couple of clubs on my second shot (on average). Some one club? Maybe. (On average). Now I go by feel. Which one feels the best when I swing it. (That day). Scientific, huh?
I know. Some don't get it. Actually, Klassen is same as Merrins, Bender, Humphries, Toski and others. Just communicated differently and more effectively and simply for........ME (and many others) not necessarily for the world.
Good Gaawd! All this over such a simple concept ! To me, out of my collection of over 100 golf dvd's, books, e-books, etc. Klassen is the ONLY instruction that pulled my game out of the 20-year pits. It helped me so much that it made me angry that I had wasted so many years trying the other "versions". His one big omission, which took me a while to figure out was the "snapping the wrists". You actually don't snap the wrists. They "snap" because of your left forearm action,...
Read the book and watched the videos. Put it into practice on the range. First round played shot 43 on the front and a 2 under 34 on the back. Next round, shot a pair of 38's for a 76. Next round, shanked every other shot and haven't played the same since. I think I hate golf.
You look at the sole of your clubs while addressing the ball?
How complicated can you get? A simple explanation won't sell dvd's however. Ayers is just rehashing AJ Bonar's lesson. They both work as promised. Just keep your trailing palm FEELING like it's facing the target or direction of swing. A few buckets and you should have it. No big deal.
Trying to describe the golf swing is like trying to describe how one walks. Good luck.
OK perhaps "17 more" meant inches, and "longer", "longest ever", mean either 1/8th inch increments in distance or maybe they're talking about shaft length. "Farther" what, 6 inches? Or? Anyway, of all the drivers I listed, my "longest" is a Mizuno MX560. All I would say are within 5 to 10 yards of one another with the same strike. Including Bombtech's Grenade. A lot of distance depends on roll. Really comes down to launch angle/loft, spin, and sweet spot strike with a tad...
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