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I have found that I chip and putt much better using one hand, rather than two. My chips and pitch shots are high, land soft, and roll predictably when I use my right hand. (I'm right-handed). However, when I incorporate the left, I immediately de-loft the club face and lose feel.  I have found that my feel when putting one handed is much better also, and I have fewer off-center hits. Further, my ability to hit the ball with only the left arm/hand is poor -- the shots...
This may not be the most informed question, but what causes that bc it's killing me. And how can I do something better? Thanks!
  I have no idea what is going on here. I went out a week and a half ago, shot a 72. Went out last week, same course, same swing, shot a 96. I have no idea what the problem is, but I'm dying here. Was trying to learn the one-plane swing, but I CANT keep my arms from going above my shoulder plane at the top of the swing for some reason. Therefore, I switched to a version of the two-plane swing and was at least able to make...
New Posts  All Forums: