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I recently figured this out. My body separated at the top and all of a sudden I started using the muscles on my stomach. It feels like I didn't even use these before because I am feeling the aching muscle pain.   Correct me if I'm wrong but now my downswing feels like 3 stages.   hips and lower body slide forward and turn shoulders turn with the torque gains from the added separation gained from this first move. hands whip the club through.     I...
AHAHA similar the the safety factor applied to building loads in civil engineering construction of 1.4 lmao
Yes it Does!!! 
I've figured it out at last. I just hit a 315 yard drive, 20 metre downhill but still.   Didn't have enough separation, I was not creating much torque in my torso when my hips fired and left my shoulders behind.... This takes some getting, if you think you have it, be open to the possibility that you don't.   Thinking about the angle of lag is obsolete, how you get real distance is this separation and trailing the arms behind, which then fire through at the last...
this is also something I have noticed myself recently. There is a difference between arm turn and shoulder turn. You can turn the shoulders to 100% yet the arms could be pointing upwards still. These are separate, but still connected. Concentrating on shoulder turn rather than thinking of getting the arm into position is the way.
This is true, but also keeping arms loose and wrists loose.   Don't try to hold lag or work on getting lag, the separation is the key.   What happens is that after the full shoulder turn the torque or tension between the shoulders and the hips is stretched by starting the hips forward and turning them but the shoulders delay behind.   You really need to get used to the sensation of separation between shoulders and hips. It feels like you are tightening a rubber band and...
I also have this problem with longer clubs, I can hit my 7 iron 180+ but my driver only 250 carry
Nope, for some reason I get 7 iron distance of about 180 but above that I get massive declines, driver cary is 250 max :(
My 7 iron is 180 carry.   My best Driver is 250 carry.
It's a callaway diablo 10 degress stiff shaft but I only get 240-250 carry.... But saying that I have been on a trackman and 105-107 was my swing speed.   Now I have just figured out my 9iron distance to be about 145 and my 7 iron to be 165-170.   Is it just me or does my driver distance seem low in comparison?
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