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With a name like "KASH MONEY" you better start living up to the hype!
It seems that your anxious for som tips or instruction, I would say to focus on your weight shift - shift to your right instep on the backswing and focus on a smooth transition to outside (left) of your left foot on the follow through.  Focus on balance at the finish as well.
My conclusion after skimming this thread is that Adam and Iacis have way too much time on there hands!
In my opinion neither swing looks very good.   Just kidding, both look good to me
Golf is a sport that you can practice and get worse instead of better.   I'm also a long hitter, I have a fast transition at the top of my swing so generally I can just slow it down and get back on track, but this game is frustrating.   Hang in there
I'm also a minority, I love my R11S with the 60g stock stiff shaft.   The clubhead "feels" heavier to me than any other drivers going back to my Nike square Sumo.   My main joy of the R11S is the way the ball comes off the clubhead, at first I bought RBZ but didnt gain any distance and took it back the R11S and quickly found out the R11S is completely different club, not just the add'l adjustability.
    How do you know anything about me or proving something to me?   You really must know everything
    Adam can you recommend a site or a book that teaches the swing plane and club face position through impact that you've mentioned in this thread and others?
Bubba Watson also said to release for a draw and "hold off" for a fade, in the new Golf Digest.   This is why I'm having a hard time believing all these new ball flight rules.  It seems that it is scientist and forum bloggers saying that the guys that are actually doing it (Bubba) are wrong.   I'm not trying to bash, I'm looking for someone to convince me because it seems everyone on the forum believes the laws, however who are we to tell Bubba Watson how you hit...
    So do you think your swing is now steep, is that what you're implying?
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