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Almost everything is reduced right now. The season is coming to an end
Gamer v2. I want a ball I can consistently afford and performs well.
I bought a demo ping I20 20* hybrid today at local pro shop for $49. Still in really good shape. Can't wait to get it on the course
Razr fit driver = won in sales incentive Razr fit 3wood = won in sales incentive Razr x irons = won in sales incentive 56* 588 wedge =$40 used Craigslist 60* vokey = $45 used Cleveland classic putter= $79 (mother in law gave me gift card for my birthday) I'm a whopping $85 into these clubs.
I played a course with 10-10.5 yesterday and they were the fastest i have ever played. couldn't imagine 12.4. 34 putts. not good
I almost did it today. Im a beer salesman an visit the same four courses every week. Today one of the courses had vokeys (non conforming grooves) on sale for 74.95. It took everything I had to not buy a set. It's still running through my mind. Don't know if I will be able to resist on my next visit next week.
I sell beer for Miller/Coors. So drink up when your on the course.
I tried the Gamer V2's last week. Deffinently will be using them for a while. Got good distance off the tee and decent spin off the wedges. My buddies kind of looked at me funny when I told them I was playing top flights.
If you have access to the us open app. You can watch it on your phone. They follow the marquee group
I forget what tournament it was but Mickleson actually had the head come loose. He had to ask permission to tighten it back up. Once he was given permission, he broke out the tool, tightened the head and smoked a perfect drive
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