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Brandt Snedeker -9 Henrik Stenson -9
S is for Stiff flex, which is generally for faster swing speeds. Since you know the guy, I would see if he will let you take it to the range to see if the club and shaft work for you.
That looks like the 07 model. The PGA's website says it's worth about $20 as a trade in, which is also about what it is selling for on ebay.   http://valueguide.pga.com/detail-exec/brand/2784/product_type/203/model/47013/shaft_type/1/b/TaylorMade/p/Driver/m/Burner%20460
TGW has them.   http://www.tgw.com/customer/category/product.jsp/SUBCATEGORY_ID/15735/refScid/1061
  They do.   http://www.titleist.com/golf-balls/DT-Solo.aspx
I think I incorrectly assumed they wanted to sell it for $150. It appears (assuming the store was being honest) they bought it for $150 and meant to list it for $250. When the OP found it listed for $99, they tried to up it to $150 so they would at least break even. Had he not bought it, it probably would have gotten a $250 price tag before going back on the shelf.
Why did he "have to honor the price?" State/Local law? Store Policy? I don't see why he wouldn't have said "No, that's mis-marked, it it actually $150." (assuming he didn't want to sell it for $99)
  They are usually listed around the same price as the other tour balls ( ~$45), but I've seen them on sale a lot. They must not be selling well.
Do you have a model name? If not, you could start browsing at the link below to see if you recognize them.   http://hotlist.golfdigest.com/search/search.php?page=1&keywords=All&refine=y&Brand=Mizuno
I have the A2OS (one model older than the A3) and they are a good quality, easy to hit club for beginners. I would imagine the A3s are similar.
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