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What do you guys (or gals) do to keep up with your game? The ranges here are mats only and I am not a huge fan of mats, plus its cold. Watching the Pebble Beach tourney this weekend really gave me the golf itch bad. So, what do you do? Besides travel somewhere warm 
I am visiting Phoenix (specifically Chandler) and am looking to play a few rounds. Any suggestions on which courses to play? I'm not amazing golfer by any means (19 handicap) and don't want to break the bank on a round. So, suggestions? Cheers!
Thank you!
Does a place like Dick's let you test irons? I am not sure if they only let you hit drivers or woods.
Hello all. I'm interested in purchasing a new sand wedge and wanted some input. I have a set of G10 irons now and was thinking about just getting the matching sand wedge, but I wanted to see if there is a "must have" SW out there. Thanks!
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