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So, would buying a closed driving range make it more doable? I live in a good sized city with a few ranges, I still think they could have more, but about 25 minutes away in a bordering county, they have only 1 range and it is just a few stalls at a golf course. There used to be a driving range (about 2 miles from this new course w/range) but it closed down probably 5 years ago. The land is still open and the building/pro shop are still there along with an equipment...
My iron play and short game have finally fallen in line. The biggest question mark in my game now is my driver. However, about half of the time it is perfectly fine and when it's not, the problem is always different. Sometimes very different.    For example, the other night I went to the range and went through my normal routine, start with a wedge and work my way up to the driver. Everything was fine, until I got to my driver and it was all VERY bad. I didn't hit one...
  This. I prefer grass and am lucky to have a very nice range close to me that is all grass with about 50 boxes. 
I had never played alone until this year when I joined a private course. Now I love to go out in the evening alone. The course is always WIDE open and quiet. I can usually walk the front 9 in 90 minutes. I am starting to look forward to that as much as playing with buddies. 
Thanks for the feedback. Short session at the range this morning and everything seemed fine again. 
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Trying to get my golf game back after breaking a wrist and an ankle 6 months apart. This year I joined a club and have been playing a lot more. The past few weeks I have seen great improvement and my irons have been almost flawless. Until yesterday. I got out for a round and all of a sudden I am hitting all my irons thin. I tried to think through everything I was doing and I just couldn't straighten it out.  What causes this? Any suggestions? Thanks!
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