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I really have to agree with you. Of course, anyone can play any ball and play well but when push comes to shove the Pro V1 is the gold standard. There simply is no other ball that performs like it. Overpriced? abso---friggin----lutely.   I play at about an 8 using Callaway HX Hot...not a lot to work with around the green but overall they suit me. I have also played and loved the I(s) and the Chrome balls...all excellent...   Bridgestone makes a fine series....getting...
facts are facts, if it disturbs you I'd suggest a therapy to deal with your demons.
I agree...and when will they ever broadcast a new "Feherty"?
1.) Masters (the true American National Championship), 2.) The Open (the one across the pond) and 3.) Can I say "Ryder Cup"?   never watch the u.s. open, would rather watch a golf tournament. if I want to watch players hack and hope the ball down the fairway I'll go to the local municipal.
getting a lot of attention for someone who can't seem to earn a tour card. fact is, if she wasn't name "woods" and white you wouldn't see one pixel spent of that tournament.
whan could sell oil to arabs.   In all of that text I think Tontj5 missed one very important thing....Whan sells the LPGA for what it is. It's not the PGA, it's not the Web.com Tour, its not the Champions Tour and all those efforts by the LPGA in the past to try and sell the quality of play on a level of any of the men's tours made them look ridiculous. Whan just sells some decent golf played by very good and congenial people that are very competitive with each other as...
You'll enjoy yourself tremendously and the advice you have received here is excellent. You will, indeed, be impressed by how hilly it is, and also how long. The chutes that many of the tee shots have to fly through (between the pines) are impressive. It is definitely a "big boy" golf course.   I would suggest a few stops for you: 1) the practice area. it's huge and if you're there early you'll see everyone out there, including the hangers on...the harmons, etc. 2) get...
very well done!
played in recreational leagues with a max. of double par...thank God.
my course has a Monday 2 man scramble event. my partner and I were sent out with a team of a 75 yr old and a 73 yr old. We combined for 8 or 9 under...they shot -15 ( front tees, no mulligans, no gimmees). they say your putting gets weaker as you grow older, well I don't think either one of those guys missed one inside ten ft.
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