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I have always been of the opinion;  Your score is your own.  This unless you are playing for money.  These people are only cheating themselves.
I take at least one practice swing before every stroke.  If the practice swing doesn't go as planned I take another one.  I know it may annoy some that I play with, but it definitely improves my score. Many time the practice swing is bad and if I swung at the ball that way the outcome would not be good.
So a course I play has a extra large green shared by two holes.  This green has two cups with two flags, one for each hole.  The cups and flags are set at a place where it is obvious which cup is for which hole.  So it seems obvious, but how do we really know which cup is for which hole?
Maybe he is just doing exactly what Callaway wants him to: Create buzz.
I almost always head to the course alone.  I would use it.
Like I said, I understand the handicap system and understand the benefits..  I'm just mentioning that I understand the OP's thoughts on it.  I do agree with the op that it seems strange from an outsiders standpoint. See above, however I haven't seen many other competitions that allow head starts or allow the mediocre to claim a victory.  Again, I get it, but also understand the OP's point.
I completely get at what the OP is getting at.  I understand the handicapping system, but I believe his point is that either you are good or not.  If you want to play for money you should be betting that you can beat the person you are betting against.  If you don't think you can win don't bet.    I don't play tournaments and my handicap is only calculated by my score keeping device.  It is not official.   I think the OP's philosophy is that it doesn't make sense...
I wouldn't sweat it yet.  Wait to get them in your hands and see what you got before worrying.
I was taking my second shot on a hole 18 par 5. The group from what I could tell was very near the green (near the clubhouse so carts were around). I hit a great 3w shot and as soon as I look up I see a cart entering the fairway right at my target zone( nowhere near the green). My ball lands close to the guy and he gives me the "look" and continues up to his group near the green. I didn't really think it was my fault as the guy came out from behind trees and the rest...
I use both.  I like using the scorecard for nostalgic reasons, but love the ease of tracking stats on the smartphone.
New Posts  All Forums: