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I used to wear Van's to the range (what I wear almost everyday), but then I found my shoes would wear out very quickly. So I now use by golf shoes which are much harder and more durable so that my normal shoes will last longer.
  Glad you fixed your driver swing. It is a wonderful club to hit.   I also hit it with a draw (or a hook if it hit it poorly).
Perhaps try a more traditional overlapping grip and see if that fixes your problem.  
I mark it with my initials AT. That way, my ball is unmistakable.
Actually, I do have a question. I see some members are categorised as e.g.:   Register user   Established   Supporter   Insider.   How are these categories made out?
Yes, I think buying quality golf balls as a gift like Titleist Pro VI balls, is a very practical gift that will be used.  
I think it's a matter of personal preference. If you find you have more trouble with a particular club, then perhaps spend more time practicing that club relative to other clubs.   As to the difference between practising and hitting the range just before a round, I would hit less balls if I were going to play a round next to conserve my energy. Plus I wouldn't hit as hard just before a round for the same reasons. But that's just me.
That is so true. The gap between the rich and poor is very wide in my city. Some people are swimming in cash, while many struggle just to make ends meet.   One of my viewers said to me: Good video, but golf is only for the rich.   I told him that actually, it is still possible to play golf on a budget, eg by borrowing clubs from a friend and playing a less exclusive golf courses.   But even then, some people cannot afford it at that level.   Perhaps...
That's a very good suggestion. I've had many suggestions from friends, but they never mentioned this one before.   It does appear that a many successful sports advocacy videos have more people in them (eg the amazing GoPro videos).   I will try my best to do that in future videos, but I think it will not be easy, because my golfing buddies so far don't like being put on film on Youtube for the entire world to see. In fact, I had to cut out a lot of footage for...
It is a sport. It requires good physical coordination, strength and fitness to play well.   Sure, to play it badly, one does not need to be athletic. But that is true of any sport. One can be a couch potato and play soccer very poorly by not running very much, hardly passing and participating very little in the game.
New Posts  All Forums: