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We have gone to Shanty Creek for the past 4 years...tee it up at Cedar River or the legend!  You wont be disappointed.   This year we are stopping at Forest Dunes on the way up from Toronto. 3 weeks to go...counting down the days.
Good advice from Straycat...negotiate!  We have gotten breakfasts, resort credits, clothing, no resort fees... etc. We have let a resort know what another offers and give them a chance to do better...most want to get you there and will do something for your business!
We stay @ Shanty Creek and  play the following;   Day 1:Legend and Cedar River (arrival) Day 2:Schuss and Legend Day 3; Cedar River and Legend (depart)   We get a package with 2 X  2 bedroom condos with 4 beds, 2 baths and a kitchen in each condo. Nothing overly fancy...just the basics! The reservations office does an awesome job working out pricing for various days and number of rounds.   Arriving around early-mid September (11th I think this year) and the weather...
Seems a little cold that time of year.  If you are heading north try Shanty Creek.  We have made two trips there and plan on returning for our third annual this year. The Legend and Cedar River courses are great and you can play Schuss as well. Stay in the main village and shuttle in to Bellaire for dinner and drinks! 
Played Threetops as well...pretty hard to pick a favorite out of those 9.  It was a unique experience and a great way to end four great days of golf in Northern Michigan!
#6 on Jones Masterpiece @ Treetops Resort in Gaylord MI.  Even better in the fall when the leaves are changing!
Are there any good resorts in Ohio (54 or more holes) with on-site lodging that anyone can recommend?
I have heard great things about Black Lake too.   We stayed at Treetops and played the following:   DAY 1 -very early drive to Sarnia G&CC (Ontario) and then travel up to Gaylord DAY 2-Fazio and Smith Signature DAY 3-Jones Masterpiece and Smith Tradition (our whole group really wished we had played Fazio again instead) DAY4-Threetops and departure.   As far as Treetops goes if you want to play the course that the resort was named after and their...
Thanks...will check it out!!!
Made the trip to Treetops back in September 2011 and you won`t be disappointed!!  We stayed in condos on the North part of the resort and the only drawback was the drive to the main property and into Gaylord to eat!   My group felt that the Fazio course was easily the best followed by the Jones Masterpiece.  We were not big fans of the two Smith courses, especially the Tradition...I would have played the Fazio again instead!   Threetops was fun, mostly due to...
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