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Have been to both Shanty Creek and Treetops...now looking at another destination for early September 2013.  Want to play great courses with little or no driving required once the group checks in. Will look into all suggestions!
Treetops Masterpiece is my favourite RTJ but I am more of a Fazio fan!
Sorry should have said New Course above...was reading the Old part in the post above it and it stuck in my head!
Played all three at Ginn Reunion and also played the Old Course twice last summer as well. Was alot easier the second time around when we had an idea of where the fairways were...I   would recommend the Old Course anyday.  
Can anyone tell me which Michigan Resort is their favourite and which course at that resort is a must play?
Kaluhyat Golf Club @ Turning Stone Casino Resort.  I was playing it under ideal course and weather conditions as well.  I would hate to play it from the tips or on a windy day...might need to restock the ball pocket of my bag at the turn!!   Atunyote, the PGA Tour course was a walk in the park after that.  Of course if I had played from the Tour tees with Tour rough it would be damaging to ones handicap and confidence too!
1. The Legend @ Shanty 2. Fazio @ Treetops 3. Cedar River @ Shanty
Boys voted for Shanty but mentioned all of your advice and we will be making a trip to Arcadia Bluffs on the way up to Shanty. 
Thanks for the info...have received pricing from Shanty Creek and Boyne. Just got back from a quick (6 1/2 Hour)  jaunt up to Treetops for a couple of rounds with the office.  Masterpiece and Premier are unbelievable- UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!  Hope the other places have courses that are as good or better.  Would have liked to go check one out but had no time. Popped into St.Ives / Tulleymore for a peek. Would be awesome but not sure if I want to play each course 3 times over 3...
Thanks.  I will look into those for sure . I would like to get a few options to choose from Anyone been to Shanty Creek or Garland lately?  I have heard a bit about Garland but nothing about Shanty.  Any info on the golf there? 
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