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I have three but I don't think I will add more on ...... 
I too have purchased from them in the past with good results .... This was over two years ago though . But I have recommended them to some golfing buddies and they have been satisfied as well .  
If I'm having a bad round DT Solo's are my  back up balls ....... Good balls .   
I will do that ....... Thanks newtogolf !
I  find plenty of used ProV's on the course . But I try to always have a couple of dozen brand new around . But I might give this a try .... Thanks !
I got fitted for the AP1's 712 when they came out ...... Then went overseas didn't get to play much with them but I am still thinking about going in to get fitted for the 714's . Im getting a lot of good feedback on them . 
Pro V1's here ....... Just wish they weren't so expensive .
That would be great to meet up at lake grove one day ...... Just P.M. me .   What courses do you play ?  I play Holbrook , Mill Pond , and Great Rock . Driving Range is Heartland .
I waited two years because I was busy defending my country overseas .  Ive been kinda busy if you know what I mean . What have you been doing for the last two years ?  Anyway it was just a question .  Ive had a couple of great  visits at that one particular Golfsmith . And I'm sure there are other Golfsmith stores where I might have a different experiance but the one where I shop no issues .          No ..... I have absolutly no association with them .......  But they have...
If you don't mind ........ Which store on Long Island ?  I shop at the Lake Grove store and had nothing but excellent service from the guys there . I highly recommend anyone that lives or shops in that area to give them a try .
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