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Hi All, I recently re-evaluated my wedge setup and am trying to decide what I want to end up with.  I have the following:   45* PW (part of my Burner 2.0 set) 49* Cleveland 588 TA PW 53* Cleveland 588 TA GW 56* Cleveland 588 TA SW 60* Cleveland 588 TA LW     I have a few questions for you all.....   1) If I bend my 49* to 48 or even 47* (to replace the 45* PW), will it affect the bounce/offset?  2) Do you think the difference between my 9i (40*)...
Hi All, My current wedge setup is PW, 50 and 53 degree.  I have a 56 and 60 on its way and am wondering if it would be best to take the 50 or 53 out of the bag.  I absolutely love my 53 degree but am afraid that puts a little too much of a gap between my PW (45degree) and my 53 degree GW.   Thoughts?   Thanks, Bruce
An Odyssey Metal-X 2-Ball.  Just came in the mail yesterday and can't wait to use it.
Jason Dufner -2 Tiger Woods -4 Rickie Fowler -E  
I have a Metal-X 2 ball coming next week.  I can't wait for it.  I'll try to put up a review once I get a chance to play a bit with it.
I ended up finding the TaylorMade Superfast (1.0) at my local Golf Galaxy used for 40$.  It is in great condition and a new grip so I guess my patience worked out.   I was a bit upset that I couldn't get an accurate result in the simulator with it.  I was hoping to get a good idea for distances with it but the sim results were that I was hitting it 350+ yards.  I was getting all of the ball....but I'm a realist.  
Just smile....slow it down.....sing a song in your backswing (or whistle......it helps you breathe throughout your swing so you arent so "tight") and enjoy the rest of the day.  Beat yourself up on the driving range...not the course.  
Hey guys/gals, I'm looking at putters right now and I'd like to get an Odyssey 2-ball.  I have been in love with the way the White Ice 2-ball feels but am not sure whether I am going to get the same feel from an older model 2-ball like the DFX.  Am I going to notice a big difference in the newer versions vs. the models from the last 2 years?   Do you all use Ebay or Craigslist to get your used clubs?  Any other site(s) I should know about?   Thanks Bruce
Thanks for the input.  I'll work the other way around since that totally makes sense to work on your scoring clubs a bit more.   I was focusing mainly on the driving range.  I put in a few hours a week dedicated to putting alone so I consider that it's own entity.   Thanks again.
Hi All, Lately I have been going to the range a couple times a week but haven't had a structure to my practice.  I'm wondering what routine you all go through at the range.    I'm thinking I may start the following regiment:   1) Hit about 10-15 with driver/3-wood.  (Just to make sure I have a solid first shot) 2) Work on 7/8/9/PW approach shots (around 75 balls) 3) Gap/Sand wedge shots 100 yds and in.   Should I be spending more time on the 5/6 iron...
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