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I am sooooooo temped to get this. 
I'd love to be able to play with my wife....but she isn't interested in the least with golf.  She is more into the Real Housewives of Bitchiness.
I think a little clarification is needed here.   My excitement stems from being able to get a regular occurrence of time to get to the course.  The reason for the "approval" is the dedicated time in which my wife now knows she is watching our 4 month old son while I am out for half the day.  Nothing about this is asking "permission" to do something I love....it's about coming to an agreed upon schedule of events.    I love my wife and try to have a very give/take...
I've been looking at this all day and can't seem to find the exact point when my left knee is straight.  Should it be flexed until impact or before/after impact?   The wrist hinging is pretty obvious and I can work on that and the right foot issues no problem.  I'm more worried about timing with the left knee.  
Thanks for the input.   Not only am I lifting my right foot too soon in the follow through.....I just saw a major flaw in how late I am breaking my wrists on the backswing. 
Well...where to start.   While I applaud you for making contact ......your swing is really in need of a few major fundamental changes.  I'm no expert....but here is what I can see.   1) Your take away looks like your hips push your arms back.  Try pulling the club back with your arms in conjunction with turning your hips (think coiling like a spring).   2) Your swing plane is flat and there is zero wrist action.   3) It looks like you are doing a basket...
Thanks a lot guys. This really helps.
This made me chuckle.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 15-ish years My current handicap index or average score is: I'm not current on my handicap but around 10-13 My typical ball flight is:Straight with a 5 yard fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The 5 yard Fade     Videos:        I'm very happy with my swing....I'm just wondering if my fade is due to grip or even follow-through issues.   Any input is welcomed.   Thanks! Bruce
Hi All, I'm looking to upgrade all of my woods to TaylorMade Superfasts.  My question is, what is the biggest difference in the SuperFast series and the SuperFast 2.0?  I would, ideally, love to buy all 2.0's but may be limited to a smaller budget.  Is there a vast difference in performance between them?    I still have to hit the original SuperFast's so I understand it's all about what feels right....just looking for some opinions.   Thanks
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