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It wasn't a bad experience.  She took a book along and enjoyed the Maui scenery.  If someone didn't have to be home watching our son, I'd ask her to come with me more often.
I truly appreciate the sentiment here.  It's nice to know that there are others that believe in 50/50 happiness in a relationship and not just "declaring" the right to play.  I really can't wait until I can bring my son out on the course and show him the joys and beauty of golf.  But for now, it truly is just a game of juggling time and recipricating the effort for my wife to enjoy herself with the things she loves to do.
While I am not one to be a "downer" on matters......there is a stark difference between the range and the course.  In my opinion and experience....once you have the mechanics down....golf is 40% physical and 120% mental.  You have to have every shot in the bag to compete at a high level.  You cannot think that hitting the same club off the same "perfect" lay on a driving range is conducive to the thousands of possible situations you will face on the course.    Think of...
I live by the code of "Happy Wife = Happy Life". 
I feel horrible about admitting this.....but I lol'd at the image of that.
2 years ago on my honeymoon in Hawaii, I convinced my wife to ride in the cart with me while I play a round.  2nd hole and I am too busy laughing at 2 squirrels humping and I shank my 6 iron into the tree resulting in my wife getting hit while in the cart that was behind me.   ......that didn't go over so well with the mrs.
Life-long Bengals fan here!  I usually pull for you guys every year.  I'm a fan of the underdog and I despise the Steelers so you will always have my support against them.   I hope TR works out for you.  I was hoping that we would have traded up for him but knew it was a long shot.    Good luck this year!
If you ain't first......you're last.      
The blog looks good man.  My only feedback (since it is a very new blog) is that you probably don't want to get caught up in repeating information like stats (i.e. Dufner recently became the only other person to have 2 wins this year with his recent win at the HP Byron Nelson Championship. The first person who achieved this was Hunter Mahan) simply because I can find that anywhere.  I, personally, like reading blogs for the opinions and experiences of someone I can...
I completely see your point Buckeye....but every marriage is different.  My wife loves me and supports my sporting activities but there is a difference (to her) between a 2 hour soccer game in which she can come and watch (with the baby) and a 3-5 hour excursion at the course while she is at home with the infant.  It is not a pressing issue in my eyes because I know that we will come to an understanding as soon as we get a rhythm going.   This is merely the first step...
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