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Only problem with this is that she doesn't have a lot of girl friends (she works at a certain major wrestling company which will remain nameless) and works around a lot of guys that have become her buddies.   I'm sure I'll find a way soon enough to extend my playing time.  For now, I'll just watch the Golf Channel so much that she begs me to get out of the house just to make it stop.
The little man has definitely changed the way I "declare" my schedule.  Once he is a bit older and more self-sufficient (only 4 months old now) it may be easier for me to get out more often but for now I will take what I can get.   It doesn't help that we live in a top 5 of the most expensive cities in the country (Stamford, CT) and having a baby is not cheap so spending 60$ a month on greens fees is a lot more convincing than $120+.
Just had to express my excitement to anyone that understands how much of an accomplishment this is.   This works out well since I am able to hit the range every monday at lunch to offset the crack addiction on the "off" weekends.       Edit: I just realized from reading this how much my life has changed since getting married.
A perfect wedge from 100yds out with a nice, dollar-bill divot and about 3 feet of spin.   That......and whiskey.
My main sport for well over 20 years has been Soccer.  It doesn't quite resemble to Golf in a structure point of view but it is quite similar in the indirect.  I am a goalie so there is a lot of technique and mental work that goes into it.  I have had plenty of games where I just wasn't "there" mentally and my play certainly showed that.  In any sport, if you aren't fully into the game mentally, you aren't playing to your potential.   This may be a stretch....but...
Pardon my lack of knowledge of the forum rules (I can't seem to find a post on them), but is there a policy for how many posts you must have before you can unlock functions like editing posts or adding a signature?   Thanks, Bruce     ----------edit--------------- Scratch that.....Just took the time to read the welcome message.  Disregard.
Thanks for the reply.   That seems to be my train-of-thought as well.  I can "live" without a new putter for now but the fact that I would rather hit a 3-wood (albeit outdated) off the tee over my driver is saying a lot.    I just hit the 3 hybrid this week at Golf Galaxy and am kind of disgusted how I didn't force myself to try it sooner.  It really feels like cheating.  
Hi everyone!  I recently decided to overhaul my bag with new clubs (it helps that it is my 30th bday next month) and already got a nice new set of TM Burner 2.0's (replacing my Cleveland TA5's).  My dilemma is this.....I have the original Big Bertha 3 and 5 woods, and a Steelhead driver.  I also want to replace my old Carbonite putter with an Odyssey 2-ball.    Anyone have a thought on which to replace first?  I'm thinking:   1) Steelhead driver --> TM Burner...
I just bought http://www.golfgalaxy.com/TaylorMade-Pure-Lite-30-Stand-Bag/W12PURELITE30/Product  and am sooo glad I did.  Lots of great pockets (including a thermal pocket for drinks) and it looks great (in orange of course).
Just saying hi.  Avid golfer from Connecticut getting back into the more dedicated scene.  I'm glad to stumble upon a site like this.    I am 30 years old and an IT professional. 
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