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I actually live in the apartments off 128 and Indiana. In fact, in one of your pictures, is aimed right at where I live. We relocated north from Highlands Ranch and have been trying to buy a home in the area. Problem is being a commission salesman and getting a mortgage. Good luck this weekend! We will have to play a round!
The Mad Russian is in fact mad!!
New playing partner has a thing for calling shots "good" on the green. On a long par 4, stuck it 3 inches from the the pin. Walking by to tend the pin he called it good and tapped it back to me. I hit it from 200 yards out to within inches. I know it's good but want the satisfaction of at least seeing how close it was, let alone putt it in!
I have 2 job.  I sell RV's during and sell real estate in the evenings. 
I too live in Broomfield! I live less than 5 minutes from the Heritage but haven't played it. I played Hyland Hills, Fossil Trace and Stoney Creek this month. I want to start practicing and playing at Heritage, just never seem to get there.
Hi, My name is Chris and currently reside near Denver, CO.   About me: Started playing golf when I was younger, never took it serious. Bought  a proper set of clubs a few years back and really starting to get serious about the game.   Getting hitched this fall in Tahiti.   Have a dog named Wallie Pickles.   Read a TON of great post from the site and look forward to learning more!!
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