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The Shattuck, Lochmere, Sugarloaf and Passaconoway.
Hey, you asked for advice.     If advice from Jim Flick (A hall of fame golf instructor) is not good enough, good luck to you.  I got the yipps while chipping last season in his advice helped me immensely.
Chipping with one’s hands ahead of the club head is no longer the preferred way.  Most instructors now teach amateurs to chip with the ball centered in the stance with the shaft as close to vertical as possible.  Most amateurs play with investment cast irons with bounce that does not promote a solid chipping.
I can feel your pain but I am guessing you are on the right track. Try initiating your down-swing by turning your right hip (slowly) towards the target. This will automatically force your right elbow to drop and get the club into the slot. It will not take long to get this into muscle memory and become automatic. There is NOTHING worse than standing over a ball knowing it will go left unless you manipulate your swing. You did mention your grip is neutral. I have seen...
Jared,     I am sure you understand your club-head is out of position at impact.  Now you need to understand what is causing it so lets work backwards.   What movement initiates your downswing?   There is another possibility but with your handicap and distance off the tee, I  am guessing your problem starts and ends with the start of your downswing.
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