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We played the Capitol Hill and Grand National RTJ sites last October.  If I were going back to Prattville and were only playing two courses, I would play The Judge and The Legislator.  Here are my reasons:   The Senator:  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it.  Impeccable shape, interesting holes, etc.  However, I am generally not as big of a fan of links style courses, and this one was tough.  If you hit it into "the junk", you might as well go ahead and take a one shot...
You already covered the stiff arm.  I have a club glove bag, but I went the cheaper route and just put a broomstick with a tennis ball on the end in there.  It will accomplish the same.  But if you do have a soft case bag, the stick and/or stiff arm is a MUST.  The very first time I flew, the broomstick (which was aluminum) had a kink in it.  So that would've been my brand new 910 shaft had I not put in the broomstick.   Besides putting your name and phone number on...
I'm about a quarter of the way through a major swing overhaul, so I've practiced more in the last 4 months than probably the previous 4 years combined.  I never was much of a practice-guy.  I always thought, "Why go hit balls endlessly at a flag when I can go and actually play?".  That was because when I did go to the range, I didn't have a plan or really much of anything to work on.  I might want to straighten out my driver, but I would just hit balls endlessly.  And I...
We did our first RTJ trail trip last October.  I did the planning and here was our schedule:   We played the Capitol Hill and Grand National Courses and made Capitol Hill our "headquarters".   All got there on the first day late morning and played the Senator at 2PM.  We stayed in a hotel just one mile away (Country Inn and Suites, HIGHLY recommended).  The hotel came with a hot breakfast and it was $63 per night per room, so it worked out to just $35 per night...
Played all three courses at Prattville.  I really enjoyed all three.  In order I enjoyed the Judge, Legislator, and Senator.  The Senator was fun, but not when you hit it off of the fairway.  That high grass might as well have been water.   We also drove over and played both courses at Grand National, Links and Lakes.  Both were phenomenal.   All in all it was a great trip.  We are probably heading back again this year but might try a different site.  
Yes it does have the pinseeker, works very well! And i'm not interested in trades, but thanks though.
Never used, never out of the box Bushnell Medalist. $240 shipped CONUS.
I just picked up a brand new Bushnell Medalist w/ pinseeker off Ebay for $200. Works like a charm.
Go check out www.woot.com Great website, and todays item is a new Taylormade Tourina stand bag for $59.99 plus $5 shipping. Colors are blue, red, and black. I don't do much walking so I don't need this bag, otherwise i'd get it. Just thought i'd give yall a heads up.
One stretch I learned at the Harvey Penick Academy was swinging the driver side to side like a baseball bat slowly and gradually taking it lower and lower to eventually a normal golf swing.
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