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Well I drag race my Pro Gas 2002 Camaro Z28. I drag race the B Gas division 8.60 index. I also own and drive my 2009 GMC Sierra Crew Cab Duramax. The wife drives a 2008 SRT-8 Dodge Charger with a few things done to it here and there .. I have been looking into a newer car and have taken a nice liking to those new Hyundai Sonata's!
Not that I'm a pro or anything but I play the red box Nike Crush's. For me the feel great off the tee and roll nice on the greens. I pay 14.99 per box. At my local sporting goods store they have deals on the them all time like by 2 boxes get the third box free. I went from the Top Flight DT2's to these and have seen a way better performance in ball flight, slicing, roll etc. I'm not all pro like most of these guys on here so if this post sounded retarded then I'm sorry.
Well to be completely honest I am in no way a pro or anything.  I just really play because I have a lot of fun when I do. I hit great off the tee. Driving is my strong point. I use the Red Nike Crush right now because I still have a slower swing speed. I swing roughly 93mph and don't accelerate when I come down. I'm not really confident to "Get on it" per say. I drive the ball pretty straight for the most part but I do have a small draw back to the right at times. What...
Hello Everyone,       Still kind of new to the sport and all so please if these questions seem really stupid I apologize in advance. I was at my local pro shop today and being that I have been out of the loop for awhile and have recently got back into the game I have noticed there are a lot more choices of golf balls now. My questions is what are somethings to look for in a golf ball that might help my game? I currently and using a 9.5 degree Taylor Made Super Fast...
I am a Certified Asset Recovery Specialist. In short I am a repo man and have been one for going on 9 years.  
Just wanted to drop in and say hello. My name is Jessie and I currently reside in Antelope, CA. a small suburb just outside of Sacramento, CA. I suck at golf but love to play!. Hope to post a lot and learn from everyone. Thank you
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