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Oh that sucks
now that i'm watching it again i'm aimed right where i hit but it wasn't a good swing can anyone shead some light on what happend
I was having the same problem my problem was my left wrist at impact
I have improved alot this season from high 90s to 100s to mid to low 80s but i fix one problem and here comes another lol thats golf.... i was playing Friday and there was a guy out there doing video of peoples swings on the 10th tee.... and just so happens i hit my miss shot...here is the video which i think is a good thing instead of posting my good swings here is my miss off the tee.... i hit it straight but it was a push i barely missed the fairway right..... i got...
I do dip when i start do this...i usually start doing it on the back 9....i hook the ball really bad i think its because my hips have a really hard time getting through because my left shoulder is all jacked up
Btw its only with my irons
Ive been really working on my address position but im still losing my spine angle in my backswing. My left shoulder turnsand is past the ball but it goes straight down first so i losemy spine angle...ive had a few pros point this out to me ill stop it for awhile but it always comes back......anyone else have this problem....any drills or swing thoughts that might help me
Ive been experimenting and its ethier straight or a big slice which is alot different then my snap hook ihad but my irons still have a little draw to them but when i uae my wrist the same way with my driver every 3 driver swings is a huge slice
Ive been hooking ball lately but between getting my swing back on plane and getting a firmer left wrist at impact my irons are back and im hitting alot of greens again but i cant hit fairway... with my irons im trying to compress the ball and my ledt wrist is bowes towards my target. I cant ger the same feeling with my driver..obviously im not compressing the ball the same way but ahould my wriat position be the same on iron shots and driver
I jump at the ball and regrip at the top this where my hook comes from ive hit a road block in my game and the little ive used thos drill it seems like it teachs tempo lag how to pull and not push on the downswing and is showing me the right left wrist position at impact
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