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I disagree, I need to read my putts before I hit them. So If I have a 30 footer and pull it 4 feet to left, I now have to read that putt and line it up while someone else on the green would already be ready to go because they had been reading their putt while I hit mine. Letting each person finish out would take way longer. And people do finish all the time when it's close. 
I don't think 4 hours is a sign of it being too slow, that is about normal from what I have seen. Often times in the PGA the warnings come for players who are taking amazing amounts of time to hits shots, people like Kevin Na.However, ff you are competing on the PGA tour and trying to win over $1,000,000 then go ahead and pace a shot or two to the green. If you're a regular player in a regular round, then just hit the dang ball. 
Pretty straight forward- what specific examples do you have when either you or people in your groups have caused damage to personal property like a car or a house, and how did you handle them when the owner wanted restitution? Did your insurance cover it? Did the course have an insurance policy? Park at your own risk type policy? Pay out of pocket?  Lots of people say what would happen but I would like to know what actually happened in your situations. Sorry if this has...
I like to play fast because I am very busy. I play 9 holes rounds mostly, and do it in under 1.5 hours easy. If I am going to be stuck behind people and it will take over 2 hours, many times I have to just hit the range and chip and put instead so I can make my other obligations.
Yes they will help you in the long run. For the most part if you are great with your PW you can do of all the same things that a 56 can do. But as you really learn all of your wedges, you will get touch you just can't with your PW. Also there are a few times where I have short pitches to raised green and I love my 60 for soft shots. What kind did you get?
Oh okay makes sense about the HDCP. And that is impressive of his partner. Seems like he would have just been warned and penalized since that was his first time being caught.
  How is it that a score of 167 has you in a tie for first without the use of handicaps? I play at a pretty mediocre course in Idaho and if free memberships and scottys were being given away and HDCP was not being used, the winning scores would be around 135-140. Do you limit the play to only people who are of a certain playing level thereby actually making it as if you were playing with handicaps? If not, I think I may come win a new R13 next year at your course.
I read your whole post and read it as "common "rules" I sometimes break" because that is kind of what everyone has posted. I was very confused but then realized those were the made up ones haha.
I hate when the old guy in front of my decides to count up his strokes and finish out his score card for the round while standing on the green. 
So my mind works in strange ways, and today watching the US OPEN and thinking of course layout, I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a green where it was set up so the player would purposely hit over and then played the next shot back. I thought it would be kinda cool to have a 420 yard par 5 with a steep green sloping away, so the second shot would be played over the entire green for a short pitch back up.   Do some golf course design rules try and prevent this?...
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