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So what? I'm playing $5/ hole with my buddies and that's big time money to us. It's all relative. A twosome SHOULD NOT take 4+ hours to knock out 18!   Granted a start by the pros to pick up the pace is a step in the right direction but, it's not going to make a huge difference though. I think the instructors who keep preaching all the pre-shot routine madness are a better place to start with improving pace of play.    Tee it forward is still the most promising movement...
I like the PD soft and Srixon soft feel balls. Not as much spin but can still be worked around the green. If you're ok with used balls or refurbished hit up golfballbut.com for decent deals on better quality balls at much lower prices than new. I've been using the Srixon z-star and get them usually under $20/dz
Got to play Bridlewood http://bridlewoodgolf.com/ this past weekend in a 4 man scramble, simply fantastic place. The greens may be the truest rolling I've ever played. The course itself doesn't have many forced layup, but it does make you shape shots to hit fairways and be able to attack pins. The staff was great! Cart girls and bar tenders were very attentive and hot! Beautiful place to play. Since we won the tourney I get to go again for free! Really looking forward to...
I meet other golfers and have a great time with them a lot actually. Many times we actually exchange numbers and say we're going to play again. Once a week or so goes by things never seem to line up. I've got several regulars I golf with, all of which I do other things besides golf with though. As far as retaining friends met via golf, it just doesn't happen for me 
The speed golf stuff is awesome, hard to believe that guy missed one fairway and hit every green in regulation lol. 
Intimidator mixed with a little joker, I try to stay very focused but playing well I tend to crack a lot of jokes due to happiness of playing well. This goes the opposite way too, when playing bad I get jokerish to deflect myself from getting too down about bad shots. When I'm up it's all focus but between shots, anything goes.
To be clear about my previous post, I've only hit it back at guys when we were blatantly in range or it was a multiple offense with no apology for previous shots into us. I walked nine at my home course in under an hour by the way, I'm not slow guy holding things up for sure. 
Ping driver ping 3w sonartec 3h ping irons cleveland wedges $20 walmart putter, with a fatso grip srixon balls   clothing is a mix mash of what I can find that fits and is light weight, 99/100 items are bought at Ross. Can't beat $20 or less for good quality golf shirts!
Not proud of it, but there's been times when someone has hit into my group, turn around and hit their ball right back at them. If I am stuck behind a group, the you're stuck behind me... enjoy the extra time outside or get off the course!
four man and you finished 6 over! curious what the winning score was?
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