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#1)Nike VRPro Blades 3I-PW with Project X 6.0 shafts softstepped 1x with black/white NDMC grips +2 wraps. They are +1/2" and 3* upright and in immaculate condition. $455 SHIPPED!!!! #2,3,&4)Nike VRForged wedges 52.10, 56.14 and 60.10 black oxide wedges with ProjectX 6.5 shafts softstepped 2x with black/white NDMC grips +2 wraps. They are also +1/2" and 3* upright. The oxide has begun to rust as its designed to do but the wedges have been used a total of maybe 15...
the 20xi and the one rzn are horrendous... this years tour level balls are a HUGE improvement over the 20xi and the one rzn... look at the rzn platinum (prov1 equivalent) or the rzn black (prov1x equivalent) the black feels a bit harder but the platinum is near perfection in a ball... spins plenty around the greens and flies well even into a headwind. only drawback is the price at 45$/dozen but a great ball in my opinion
played 9 both yesterday and 9 more today... yesterday it looked as if id never picked up a club in my life... 2 pars, a couple bogeys and a littering of doubles and triples.... today on the other hand I lipped out a 3.5 footer on #1 then proceeded to par in for a 1 over par 37.   3042 yards (forward white tees) par 36 126 slope rating course literally opened for the year yesterday. Fairways: 3/7 GIR: 5/9 putts: 15
launch monitor was the zelocity purelaunch like the one seen in this listing here : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zelocity-PureLaunch-*********-Launch-Monitor-/261429769655?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cde6db5b7 I cant speak to the accuracy in spin or clubhead speed, however for real world yardages It seemed to be spot on when on the course... 6 iron being 185 etc...
ive been playing velocitys, prov1's or v1x's for the past few years. this year I purchased an entire new set of Nike clubs and have decided to give the new RZN Platinum and RZN Black balls a try. we shall see how this experiment goes over the next couple months!
I own a set of 712MB's with the KBS Tour Stiff shafts and also have a set of the new Nike VRPro blades with ProjectX 6.0 shafts soft stepped 1x. Both sets are works of art. I love both sets and I wouldn't care which I played.
I hadn't seen the reply to this thread previously. I'll be glad to answer any questions you have! I was fitted at northway8golf.com. launch monitor analysis with everything I did.
52.10, 56.14, AND 60.10 Nike VR Forged wedges. Black oxide finish. +1/2" 2* upright. ProjectX 6.5 shafts soft-stepped 2x also received new Nike VR-S Staff Bag today as well as 35" Nike Method 001 putter. All Nike in 2014. should be an amazing year.
give the titleist 913Fd a try. very smooth feeling club with plenty of length. just picked up a 43" 15* 913Fd with the Diamana D+ whiteboard in Stiff and was putting them out there 280yds after rollout and carrying it 260+.
43" 913Fd 15* with a diamana whiteboard shaft, midsize NDMC blk/wht grip, and a bucket of range balls.
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