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how many shafts do you have? 3-pw? tip size? .355 or .370?
my honest suggestion is to look at the KBS tour shafts... they make an "R+" shaft thats in between regular and stiff. its about $15 per club upcharge for the shaft over the dynamic golds, but might fit you alot better! best of luck!   ~Travis
in the last 2 weeks ive purchased $1487.83 worth of new clubs from my local proshop. 4i-PW of titleist MB712's, a vokey 58.09 spin milled SM4 in black oxide, and a 910H 21* hybrid... someone save me...and my wallet from my club whoring addiction!!!!
  So for Christmas i received a few gift cards to my local proshop which i promptly went out and spent on a band spankin new shiny set of Titleist 712MB's. 4i-PW +1/2" 3* upright KBS Tour Stiff shafts with GolfPride Decade multi-compound whiteouts...etc... well i placed the order for them on 12/30 and was told 3-4 weeks. i got a call yesterday saying they had come in... tonight i head down there after work and was given the opportunity to hit a couple to see how they...
i am a Titleist fanboi through and through... look into the 910 or 913 drivers from titleist and see how they work for you. DO NOT BUY without being fit! everyone has a unique swing. make sure what you purchase works right for you. suggestions are only that, suggestions. let the facts back up the purchase!! HAPPY HUNTING!
flat black with a white mini triangle titleist style alignment aid. thats it. no bling. no fancy paint scheme.
i am not familiar with the hilly course you speak of. my normal tracks consist of:   eagle crest golf club van patten golf course airway meadows golf course fairways of halfmoon mechanicville country club saratoga lake golf course saratoga spa state park golf course battenkill country club kingswood country club western turnpike golf course stadium golf course   i have ventured out to plymouth mass to play pinehills golf course (the jack nicklaus course) and also hit up...
i have tried several different things to gain "feel" and comfort with my clubs and golf swing. grip changes obviously being one of them. i have tried various different grip styles, sizes and less/more tape wraps to achieve the right feel. the game is ALL feel. i just went through an iron fitting trying everything in the fitting cart shaft wise. why wouldnt you order your possible $1500 investment with what works for you grip wise? midsize grips with 2 wraps under my left...
funny thing is is that the AP1's that ive been playing with were supposedly "fit" for me about 5 years ago from the same place and i never went through shaft testing this extensive. it was pick them out, measure wrist to floor length and hand length and finger length. hit off a lie board and order them up... they never even really offered a shaft selection for me to try. with the turn over at the proshop there and the emphasis now on being properly fit i believe theyve...
ohh crap forgot to put up final stats with the KBS Tours... here they are: swing speed: 103.5mph ball speed ~133mph launch angle: 18* carry yardage: 184 total yardage: 193 spin rate: ~5700-5950
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