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welcome to the dark side! ;)  
haha yeah ive been around the capital district top to bottom as far as courses go. i live in clifton park so northway 8 is the easiest place to go to get fitted locally, otherwise its golf galaxy which i dont trust as far as i can throw them or a significant drive to a fitter.. what courses did you frequent up here mostly?
  Ok, so...Im 30, 6'3" 200lbs and played to about an 8 handicap this past season here in upstate NY. my current bag looks like this: 46" Titleist 910D2 9.5* Project X 7C3 6.0 shaft set to A1 43.5" Titleist 910F 15* Project X 8C4 6.0 shaft set to C3 43" Titleist 904F 19* YS-6 R-Flex Titleist AP-1 3I-PW with DG R-300 shafts (+1/2", 2* up) Titleist Vokey spin milled 52* Titleist 200 series 58* Titleist Scotty Cameron 35" Squareback #2 with red "Baby T"...
ive noticed the exact same thing. i played prov1's and v1x's early this past season and had specific clubs for certain holes... after switching to the velocity mid year im EASILY a club longer with the velocity's .. an 8 iron for me with the prov1 is about a 150-155yard club... after going to the velocity's i could hit the same 8 iron 165-170. i didnt notice much of a drop off in spin around the greens either. ive managed to save $20 a dozen by switching from the prov1's...
pro v1's, v1x's or the titleist velocity's. those are the 3 i play depending on conditions.
photo link has been updated, hopefully that works.
PRICE UPDATE!!!!!   with the holiday spirit upon me ive decided to drop the price of these through the end of the year to $225 plus shipping from 12065 in NY.  thats a $50 savings ladies and gents! pick these up for Christmas!!!
im using the project x 6.0 8c4 82g shaft in my titleist 910f 3wood while im using a 6.0 7c3 73g shaft in my 910d2 driver.... usually the heavier shaft goes in the fairways.... idk though maybe your fitter knows something i dont...
Bethpage Black. i played the black course 2 weeks before the barclays stop there this year. The rough was WAY up and the greens were running VERY fast. That and coupled with a 15-20mph wind and a slight rainy drizzle and it was hell. The bartender at the time told me id be lucky to break 120 with the conditions that day... i thought i did well by carding a 97.... birdied the 553 yard par 5 7th and pard the 8th too!     heres my view from the fairway comming up...
depends on conditions but either a 3/4 punch 52* or a relatively full 58*. i prefer the 58* honestly.
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