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depends on conditions but either a 3/4 punch 52* or a relatively full 58*. i prefer the 58* honestly.
ive played pro v1's and v1x's for years up until i bought a sleeve of the new titleist velocity's this year. less expensive and easily a club longer than any other ball ive used. absolutely love them and at 27$/dozen nearly half the price of the pro v's. they will be in my bag for as long as titleist makes them.
For sale is my Titleist AP1 set 3-pw. DG R-300 shafts +1/2" and 2* upright OEM grips with a few extra layers of tape to build up the grip to almost midsize.. used for about 3 years and they have normal wear and tear on them. looking to upgrade to a set of MB712's and i need to sell these to motivate me to go purchase the new irons. asking $225 plus shipping anywhere in the continental...
ive noticed C-3 will promote a BIG draw for me with my driver and 3wood. give that a shot as well.
shot 80 today. 43 front, 37 back. 2 birdies.
shot 76 twice, 77 three times. shot 79 my first round of the year. highest round of the year was a 93.... absolutely pathetic round.
shot 77 sunday afternoon. course is a 68.0/ 126 slope.  shot 40 front, 37 back. birdied every par 3, and 2 par 5's (6 birdies total).. had a stretch where i birdied 8,9,10, AND 11.  had two 3putts which irked me but it was a good round overall. only hit 5 fairways, but had 12 greens in reg.  31 putts total.
entering as we speak!
tee shot on the 210 yard par 3 8th hole at bethpage black.  stuck a baby fade 4 iron to ~10 feet. (then proceeded to lip out the birdie putt)
  So, I turned 30 yesterday.     I decided earlier this year that I was going to make an effort to play a quality golf course rather than the local courses and cow pastures pawning themselves off as country clubs as part of my birthday gift to myself. I set out trying to figure out which course id really like to attempt to play, and read a few reviews online saying to try this course or that course or whatever. I just had one course in mind that I couldn't shake and...
New Posts  All Forums: