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Last I looked there was no minimum number of clubs required.  If you can play at a level that makes you happy with just a 5 iron, or whatever your favorite club is, have at it.  Sounds kind of nice actually.  
Most off the rack stuff is made for people of average height, about 69".   I am 70" tall, but my reach is 76" and I play standard length.  I would suspect you may need longer shafts.
  I'm going to guess you haven't been to a clubfitter......
Stance seems very wide.
  Check out this video to learn how to grip properly.  You should have the grip in your fingers, not in your palm, along the lifeline.  Pay particular attention around 1:11 
    I have one, but you won't see it in my bag.........unless you pull the headcover off of it!  I hide it out of shame  But golf is expensive enough as it is, and that thing has paid for itself several times over.  
New Posts  All Forums: